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    Default Live Video Recordings of Trading Thread

    Hi ALL,

    I'm just new here, so I wouldn't be a good example to start this thread, but would really love to see some of the more experienced/successful members record their day trading and provide commentry on all the signs a trader should be aware of during a trade...

    I'vee seem it on other forums and think it would serve as a valuable archeive of video's (mpg/swf/any format) for all us new starters....

    A picture tells a thousand words, and hoping a video would tell even more...

    Maybe your comments & improvements on the idea could go here, and the actual video could be in the new thread.


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    Default Re: Live Video Recordings Thread of Trading


    Its all a matter of time.
    There is no way Id be able to find the time.
    Nor would I want to. If I was a paid educator and thats what I did then sure.

    Radge does it but of course you need to pay for his education---and fair enough to.
    Why not join up its pretty cheap and he has much to offer.

    "The Chartist"

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    Default Re: Live Video Recordings Thread of Trading

    I subscribe to "The Chartist" and its a great way to learn to read price action as well as EW and other T/A methods.

    Well worth the money.

    "Dump everything aggressively. Take the price to a place where it trades" - Michael Platt - Hedge Fund Market Wizards

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    Default Re: Live Video Recordings Thread of Trading

    Tim Grittani live trade recording of Fannie May breakout. His tips - be patient but not stubborn (fine line there ), adjusted risk as the price moved in his favour, watched the market depth/time and sales, sold half to lock in profit and let the other half run. Fortune favoured him - got a gap up next day and exited timely near pivot top. Toooo easy.

    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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