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    Default Internet Troubles/Problems

    Just thought I would start a thread dealing with internet connections/troubles/tips etc.

    I am with Telstra Broadband and today I experienced technical problems, and I could not gain access to the net, so I rang them to get help.

    I was told that I had an existing open connection lagging from September, therefore it was making it impossible to open a new connection today.

    The tip is to turn off the modem and it resets within 5 minutes. This closes all old connections.

    Failing this ring your ISP and ask them to close all lagging connections.

    Open lagging connections can occur during unexpected power outages

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    Default Re: Internet Troubles/Problems

    I wander if we could ask them to be able to access 'lagging connections' area and clean it up ourselves from emergency free dialup connection?

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    Default Re: Internet Troubles/Problems

    I am suprised that Telstra do not have a computer program in place that clears these 'lagging connections" on a regular basis.

    This would save Telstra squillions of dollars a year in wasted technical support for problems that could be fixed on their end, and not holding up customers on call centre queues.

    Surley I am not the only person that has had this occur.

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