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    Default Amaranth Water Bottle For Sale

    This turned up on elitetrader today and I couldn't resist posting it here:

    I'm selling my water bottle, don't need it any more. Feel free to bid:


    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Amaranth Water Bottle For Sale

    I've got an Enron rubber duck in my bathroom, though don't have any intention of selling it at this point in time.

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    Unhappy Re: Amaranth Water Bottle For Sale

    Certianly sounds like a interesting water bottle lesm. but I'm sorry to say that the link you had given turned out to be. 'A Page Not Responding', to be directed to the 'Home Page', or 'Announcement Board'.
    Now your talking about E-bay, something that people like me wouldn't know were to start looking for a waterbottle.
    Perhaps a guided tour, to salvage your Waterbottle may be needed, who knows bye that time well be thirsty. (giggle)

    So what is so bad about this waterbottle, or better still what is so good about it. (Please exsplain*!)

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    Default Re: Amaranth Water Bottle For Sale

    Hi stocky,

    Try the link below, being on ebay it could disappear at anytime:

    Amaranth is the US hedge fund where one of their traders, Bill Hunter, lost US$5 billion in a week. Believe that as events unfolded the total loss reached US$6 billion.

    Take a look at thread below for more information:



    PS: The link in the first post does not appear to be resolving correctly

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    Thumbs up Re: Amaranth Water Bottle For Sale

    Thankx Lesm, Amaranth is a very interesting story, and a remarkable piece of history, I do simphasize with amaranth and wish them all the best.

    I'm not much of a collector, and the value of that water bottle is quite remarkable. But I'm not much of a merchant either. So I must decline your water bottle. And sincerly thank you for the insite to that story.

    All the best with your sale. And I wish you many happy returns.


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