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    Default Alternatives to MarketCast?

    The recent updates to the ASX have also had an impact on what information is broadcasted by MarketCast. Don't quite know who's to blame ... MarketCast or ASX. Anyway ... people that have developed their own applications based on their feed have been left standing in the rain.
    Are there alternatives to their system? Has anyone any experience with data feeds from reuters, etc? I guess they a far more expensive for a start ....

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    Yeh its a real pain.

    Like you I had upto 5 min delay which killed a few momentum trades They were tanking and I didnt know it.

    Bullcharts is pretty good. Ive tested it and love all the features for realtime trading.
    Dont have it but think it would be far better than the basic M/C.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    The huge advantage of the MarketCast system is (or was !) that it broadcasted all data generated on the exchange regardless of the security the user is currently analysing on his screen. The company also sold a development kit to access the raw data of their feed. So people could write their own applications on top of their feed. Which was simply brilliant. However this all came crumbling down on last Monday when MarketCast decided to change the details of the data broadcasted in their feed.
    What I am after is a real-time stream of the exchange that contains all trades of all securities plus at least the Depth(1) information (Sum of all bid/ask orders, Sum of all bid/ask volume). Unfortunately I fear that products like the ones from paritec and bullsignal only stream the data that is currently selected by the user on its client. I am not sure though. And please correct me if I am wrong. Because that would be excellent news.

    I guess one option would be to become an ASX participant. But I could imagine this is probably waaaay above my budget.

    Any replies are greatly appreciated.

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    In the old days Marketcast was quite attractive because of unreliable or slow and expensive internet - but these days with cheap broadband (including wireless broadband) I would have thought their days were numbered - and always wondered why they did not also just offer a subscription over the internet as well.

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    Hi all,

    I also suffered as a result of Marketcast going to the wall and ended up re-writing my interface to accept a live ASX feed.
    Big difference in price but I need the data.
    I then employed some guys from uni to port my interface onto the web hoping to attract some subscribers to help pay for the feed.
    Please have a look http://***********.net.au

    It covers the entire market and uses filters to control the bandwidth.

    Its relatively new to the web but it is live and any feedback, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

    Many thanks


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