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    Moderator's Note: MUL Multiemedia was renamed Newsat, for the old MUL thread click here.

    Telstra today have announced the spending of $1 billion to provide broadband to 98% of the Australian population. It obviously is going to use satellite technolgy to cover such a wide and diverse area. Newsat (formerly Multiemedia) would appear to have the potential to benefit from Telstra's spending, or indeed could be a potential takeover target.This is what Newsat already provides. Other broadband providers use mobile phone technology for their broadband which will only ever cover the major population areas and certainly will never be as diverse as what Telstra is offering. What do other people think? Are there other satelite providers for Australia? Regards, Kooka
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    Telstra apparently is going to use mobile phone technology for outback Australia to provide broadband and not satellite as i initialy thought. Why spend a billion dollars, when probably $150-$200 million could be spent on a satellite to provide a far better service. Satellite apparently provides the best V.O.I.P. than any other technology. Kooka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Hosemans
    Why spend a billion dollars, when probably $150-$200 million could be spent on a satellite to provide a far better service.
    Not to sure about Satelite providing better service in the long term, esp if you have to lug sat dish around, to get mobile broadband on your laptop or phone...????...not to mention the takeup...with sat installation costs...

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Hosemans
    Satellite apparently provides the best V.O.I.P. than any other technology. Kooka
    Not so, as voip (sip) technology needs decent packet latency and that just wouldn't/hasn't worked with sat technology, esp when tis cloudy or raining.

    Just my opinion though

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    u cant even watch a tv signal when there is cloud with satelite, how can streaming data be any better?

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    What a bunch of tossers continuing this thread. Zoop i would have thought that you would have given this the flick after being burned so badly. I guess you are looking for a second beating with this stock and if you aren't thinking of investing in this dog of a company again then may i suggest that you quit now while you are ahead???

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    i live in hope that the stock will rise after the management have either left or been asked to leave.. after all the company has great potential.. anyhow im sure you know about the way the stock has slipped from over 10c to less than 1c during your term..

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    There's a heap of volume in this one today. 120m+

    Does anyone think it's worth the risk short term? I must admit I know little about the company.

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    Today they received a please explain RE share price increase from 7c to 1.2c and big volume. Apparently there's no news. Could there be some on the horizon perhaps?

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    I'm surprised this isn't attracting anyone's attention. 100% increase in less than a week.

    I know it looks like I'm just bumping this topic but I'm interested if anyone had an opinion.

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat


    I would be interested in your analysis of the chart if you get a spare moment.

    The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing mankind he does not exist.

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    Was yesterday's annoucement any signs of whats come ...? or just another bag of hot air with no substance? Is this share ever gonna go up to 10c ... ever...?

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    Recent announcement by Ballantine indicates that this company has turned around, and is on the way to declaring profits from now on.After many years of listing and accumulated losses totalling in excess of $80 million, finally this company is starting to earn "recurring" profits i.e. contracts which will continue to pay on a year to year basis. This has been a great trading stock over the years as the last few weeks of trading indicates, but it now looks as if the company has turned around and could be a good investment for the future.Keep in mind that this company has no debt and therefore no banks ready to pull the plug should they not keep up repayments on any loans, and they are now earnings positive with future increases in turnover in the next 6 months. Regards KOOKA

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    KOOKA has it in one.

    It's been a long wait for the often promised turn around.

    I only ever missed one share holders meeting over the last few years and to be truthful I was getting a bit miffed with the company, however I had done my homework and was happy to sit on the stock for as long as it takes (I just wish it was in weeks, not years)

    Now I've been collecting a few more shares.

    If the "Foundation Investor" was signed up I guess the best time to put the X on the contract would be late Jan when everyone is back to see the rise to 6c+

    You can see Newsat has the right idea now, get some big government contracts away from singtel, gee if we went to war with their buddies the first thing that would go down would be their satellite, (Someone accidentally unplugged the dish -- sorry) how stupid!

    By getting a big Telxxxx boy involved you no longer have the one argument against giving NWT the defense contract "you're a bit Mickey-mouse" so we'll keep it with a foreign company tar.

    We now have a list of people that could do worse than backing NWT. Consider the TV options and look at the “Bleeding Edge” technology being tested UAE by Newsat.

    So stay tuned, this is the year (07) and I know I've said this before but one year I'll be right or even more broke



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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    Must have been a long long wait. I believe October, November 2003... was when The shares made in to the double digits (Cents).......

    I have a very strong IT background.. And knowing what I know about the future of Wireless and wider wireless networks and how major Search engines like google and MS are looking to own every bit of the technology, that makes money in VIOP and and data and Video.. I think in about another 2-3 years shares maybe even in Dollars..... (I hope)...

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat


    Jajah ad-supported calls in Europe Dec 18, 2006

    For several months, Jajah has championed the ‘free’ calls concepts for everyone, with the concept of callback (featured at DemoFall 06 in picture). People can call anyone with a landline after they ignite the phone call from their website. There’s was a restriction so far; only Jajah registered users could do so. But in Germany and Austria, the VoIP startup is going to open an oasis of “free call to unregistered users”.

    Jajah is offering its service via a series of 3 partnerships signed with three large media companies in German and Austria. “Those companies — Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper; ProSiebenSat1, which owns two major German TV stations, and NewsAT, an Austrian station — will spend 7 million euros to advertise Jajah’s Internet phone service (they will point people to their own web pages, which will have a co-branded Jajah service from which people can make calls),” reports VentureBeat.

    The ad-supported strategy may be questionable. But Jajah may just clear the trend: Phone calls would end up in a free/ad-supported calls on PC; Low-cost, charged phone calls from cellphones.

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    Wilson Asset management has exited as the major shareholder. I think that this is a tell tale of where this company is going.

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    Wilson were in it for a year (196M shares), looks like they have taken a loss but to say that's an indication of were the company is heading without something else to back it up is just a guess. If you have something negative we need to know about please post it.

    All the info I can get my hands on is pointing in the right direction, if the directors were less impulsive the company would already be there.

    I think Newsat will be a success in spite of their directors wishy washy incompetence. By this I mean things like buying Airworks and selling it a year later, funny how the purchaser is in a fantastic position in regard to public placement of advertising so Airworks should go from strength to strength.

    Unlike Wilson I'm buying so we'll see who was right soon enough.



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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    I agree...!
    I have been following this company for a long time. At the moment, it looks like all roads lead to "Rome"...! I see nothing but growth for this share...! It maybe slow coming.... but it is coming...!

    Any company who survived the dot.com boom and bust and built a new business and developed and aquired new technologies... are now solid and looking forward to growth.

    NWT (MUL) has bought and developed new technologies and taken contracts and grown its customer base. Its now cash positive and in only one of three major SAT providers of its kind in the world. The Future of connectivity is wider wireless networks and Sat. data connctivity globaly.


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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat

    I've been into NWT (from the MUL days) for a long time and have followed the threads on Hot copper and only got back to Aussie Stock Forums.

    It seems that there is a perception that NWT has now turned the corner and is going to repair some of the heart ache that MUL has given many of us and become a turnaround story for 2007.

    However, for every positive comment there is always several more that are negative, particularliy about management.

    Taking the recent press releases it seems very positive and i have bought some more to average down in anticipation of some positive growth.

    Can management be trusted in there press releases or are we being duped again.

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    Default Re: NWT - Newsat


    Hi, found you. How you going. Still holding NWT? Me too and about to top up again. Had nice run the other day as a tester. Now every daytrader in Aus has it at top of watch list. Any volume and boom they will jump in...
    I see that Wilsons bailed, well they were no 1. They paid around 1.27c a share and probably got close to that back. I say they got sick of waiting around. Think though if something big was on horizon they would now about it? A concern.
    The way I see it they have levelled the field. No debt to bank or any organistaion is good. Is this correct? No debt, no borrowings at all. No issuing more shares?????
    The latest announcmenet was known at the agm correct?
    The following ann have been found on the web.

    Newsat Ltd has annouce a strategic alliance with Mynetfone (ASX:MNF) and existing channel partner Ursys Pty Ltd to deliver satellite connectivity to its VOIP broadband telephoen service including the MynetFone Broadband starter pack aimed at SME's and residential users.
    This new team in the VOIP phone market is a good example of extracting added value from both partners winning technology.

    NewSat Limited (ASX:NWT), a leading satellite communications provider and Linowave, a global provider of next generation 4G wireless communications, announced the signing today in Dubai of a strategic partnership to deliver leading-edge WiFi and communication solutions to customers globally.
    As Australia comes to grip with 3G technology, both Newsat and Linowave are charting the future of telecommunications in 4G technology.

    4G technology is positioned to be the future standard of communication over wireless devices and provides users with on-demand, high quality video as well as audio connectivity. The advent of quality video and substantially enhanced manageability of bandwidth are considered by analysts to be key drivers in the move to the emerging 4G.

    "Combining Linowave 4G technology with NewSat’s broadband satellites services will bring a revolution to the telecommunication industry" said Linowave’s VP Engineering, Mr Louay Sakka, from its Dubai head office.

    We can deliver bleeding edge technology such as OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), and also OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) to better allocate network resources to multiple users with 4G over NewSat’s satellite access.

    Plus, the use of SDR (software-defined radio) receivers allows for better use of available bandwidth as well as making use of multiple channels simultaneously,” he said. “To provide these benefits to customers globally Linowave needed a strategic partner with its own technical capabilities, reliability, and well established support functions. These critieria pushed us to choose NewSat as our satellite internet partner of choice for our new 4G projects,” Mr Sakka said.

    "NewSat’s reliability, high quality and efficient services have helped it become one of the world’s fastest growing satellite communications service providers and the new agreement with LinoWave ensures that customers are able to access either NewSat or LinoWave for a total solution to their communication needs," said Adrian Ballintine, Founder and CEO of NewSat Limited.

    NewSat’s General Manger - Middle East/Africa, Paul Seaton added, “NewSat has substantial assets and resources dedicated to satellite communications and related applications, including ownership and operation of its extensive mediaport assets.

    "NewSat considered it important for our valued customers that our partners be able to provide the best possible solution for current as well as emerging WiFi communications and we are extremely proud to be able to offer them Linowave’s extensive product range in the forefront of the next generation of communications pathways”.

    Broadband Internet
    Through partnerships with Telstra and Newsat, Cyberhorse can provide broadband internet access bundled together with our premium subscription content and advertising services.
    The main thing I see is as follows:
    1. No debt
    2. No more share issues?
    3. Airworks gone 7.5 mill?
    4. MTD gone 800k
    5. Contracts and profit?
    6. JV with major players...

    Future looks interesting to say the least.

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