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    Default Compulsory year 12

    From ABC, October 5, 2006
    Howard rejects compulsory year 12 call

    Prime Minister John Howard has rejected a call for all Australian students to finish high school.
    Labor backbencher Craig Emerson says those who finish year 12 get better jobs, higher wages and are less likely to end up in trouble with the law than those who do not.
    Dr Emerson argues students who want to pursue a trade should wait until they have finished high school, or undertake a school-based apprenticeship.
    But Mr Howard says students should be able to choose their future.
    "I don't think you should force everybody to stay to year 12," he said.
    "I think we should expand the choices.
    "I'm very much in favour of doing that - that's what we are doing in technical colleges - but not everybody is suitable for a university education."

    I would not like to hurt anybody with my comment, but too many scientists and academics is not the best idea for any country.
    County needs above all, correct balance of all trades and professions to function properly.

    Decade and a half ago, when many apprentices’ positions disappeared, all of the ‘sudden’ created now massive void of tradespeople.

    We do not need engineers to use spanner and we do not need PhD taxi drivers or window cleaners, because they are over-qualified to get other positions.

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    Default Re: Compulsory year 12

    I am not in favour of compulsory year 12. We need uneducated people to empty rubbish bins, sweep the streets, work at petrol stations, cut up dead cows at the meatworks, etc etc...

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    Default Re: Compulsory year 12

    CUB's (Cashed ou Bogan's) even those that don't finish year 12 are getting extreme amounts of cash thrown at them, while the uni graduates are filling in dole forms.

    Yes I would tend to agree, far too many over educated burger flippers in this country.

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    its cyclical and the governments always get their timing wrong. In a few years the skilled labourers will be the ones flipping burgers. Best to be a contrarian at the peak of any cycle. This is what Emerson is really getting at.

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