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    Hey check it out: http://www.myownbusiness.org/apprent...rentice_2.html

    Donald Trump is at it again... looking for another apprentice!

    What happened to Bill? Anyone know?

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    Yeah bring it on Donald

    Dont know what happened to Bill but I suppose he is working on Trumps Chicago Hotel and Tower building as appointed.

    I am pretty sure that the sequel of the show is there simply for its business value than for an effort to find real apprentice / replace Bill for that matter.

    Since last show I followed The Donald bit closer, read his "How To Get Rich" (not worth it IMHO) and found out that its all just a huge marketing campaing for his Organization. Well he is a brilliant businessman with an extraordinary "people skills" so yeah good on him.

    BTW few information I found - if they are 100% true or not I do not know
    - Bill (last series winner) supposedly got 1yr contract to work for Trump at yearly salary of somewhere around US$250k
    - Trump's Atlantic City casino division filling for bankrupcy in August 04(second time in last five years) unable to pay billions in loan repayments. A bank (Citibank??) takin over removing Donald from CEO job yet keeping his brand TRUMP for its reputation
    - Donald cashing around US$18mil per episode of Apprentice after finding out how much the cast of FRIENDS were getting

    I found all this info from various sources on Internet so would not guarantee that they are all true but one should keep his/her eyes and ears open

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    Default Re: The Apprentice II

    Wow, thanks for all the info guys!

    Looks like Bill and Kwame are doing better than they ever could have dreamed of.


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    Default Re: The Apprentice II

    " TRUMP is cool " - The Apprentice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmAVJxciyz0&NR

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