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    Default Yahoo Finance Portfolios

    Anyone else use the Yahoo Finance portfolio feature? I keep mine there, primarily as it's easier for my wife to view during the day and I like the layout - even if it is 20-minute delayed.

    It looks like they've changed the page layout though (for the Australian Yahoo Finance site) and now I can't see my portfolios at all. There are links there to edit and create portfolios, and if I edit I can see the contents and change them, but there are no links to actually view them.

    Anyone else got this problem?


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    Default Re: Yahoo Finance Portfolios

    Okay, the portfolios are back again now. They must have fixed it.


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    Default Re: Yahoo Finance Portfolios

    Nope, gone again.

    Now you see it, now you don't...


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    Default Re: Yahoo Finance Portfolios

    Appolgies draggin up an ancient thread. But being new to the finance world, I have just set up a yahoo portfolio manager. Pretty nifty for someone like me with zero experience.

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