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    Question Couples as ASF members

    There are some couples posting on the forum from the same household. I feel this is duplicitous unless made well known.

    Who feels this should be voted on?

    Should we make public who the couples etc. are?
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    Default Re: Couples as ASF members

    Hhhhm, good point Snake. I hadn't even considered this. Wouldn't Joe have seen it with checking ipns or whatever.

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    Default Re: Couples as ASF members

    Snake, I am only aware of one couple on ASF and there is one other case of two people from the same household who post with different usernames.

    These situations do crop up from time to time and I understand the implications of such an arrangement. When two people from the same internet connection both post on ASF with different usernames I let them know that they are not allowed to directly respond to each others posts in stock related threads as I believe this has the potential to compromise the integrity of ASF.

    But by the same token, I am aware that these sort of situations do occur and as long as I am aware of them and that the members in question are prepared to abide by the rules I insist on, I can't see any real problem. I'm sure it happens on other forums all the time.

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    Default Re: Couples as ASF members

    Missus Smurf has made a couple of posts using my username but they've been clearly identified as her posts at the time. And only in the general chat section rather than on specific stocks etc.

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    Default Re: Couples as ASF members

    Missus MIT would rather have teeth pulled than talk about stocks.


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