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    Default CMC's new Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

    Hello, anyone read the new CMC Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)...?????
    Maybe some legal type person could be so kind as to bring my/our attention to any important changes that have taken place from CMC's last PDS statement......I keep falling asleep as I try to scan down the many pages...!!

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    Default Re: CMC's new Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

    I withdraw my money from CMC this morning. Interesting how the Australian web site became "under construction" at the time of an ASIC review.

    Edit: Not that I think anything is up, but I believe IF they are covering up that information to visitors to their web site, then I wonder what else they don't disclose.

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    Default Re: CMC's new Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

    Bloody pissed off, couldn't trade friday, missed 20pips on AUD,
    had order in on BHP at 24.67 that was not executed.

    And I have been getting pop up messages all day about reading the bloody PDF, not happy.

    Oh and them losing my signature for withdrawals and not processing it, then suddenly deciding to process it a few days later. Very shody

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