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    can any one out there help me i have been paper trading this system for the last couple of months with great results but the brokerage eats up a lot of my profit
    eg if i buy 50000 lhg @2.67 brokerage is 412.70 and then when i sell @2.70 brokerage is 418.47 i seem to be taking a lot of risk and if things go bad the only winner is comsec does any one know of a cheaper broker that one can use for short term trades as some of my trades can be less than are day our up to three days i have had 50 trades with system with only six bad trades so i think the system is ok so far ?
    would like any feed back as only new to trading
    thank you

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    Default Re: day trading ?


    One way to getter cheaper brokerage is to open a CDIA account with commsec and be CHESS sponsored by them as well and any trades over $25,000 are only 0.12% brokerage instead of 0.31%.

    Good saving!

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    Default Re: day trading ?

    They are designed for this


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