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    Anyone know any good games on net? be it multiplayer or single..

    cheers David

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    funny you should mention this subject,ive been playing this underground mafia game online the past 48hrs and im addicted. thousands of players in many cities,the games go for 10 days.last night the russian mafia hit me bigtime so exacted revenge today,the ceo of my gang doesnt know ive done this yet and neither do the ruskies,so when they log on there will be carnage. meanwhile im rearming and preparing for the worst. im generally not into games but this is a cracker. if you do want to play,join through this and i get extra turns(im gunna need em)and join our gang aswell.let me know your username and ill get you an invite.
    log on through this,see ya in there

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    hmmm, the russians just woke up

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