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    anybody got a sniff of what is going on here? Huge jump in the price this week.

    I subscribed to the IPO last december but when they hard trouble raising funds i exercised my right for refund.....Ouch!

    GPR is an exploration company focused on Fiji. Where the team which is running the comp had some success in the Past.

    Major shareholders include Newmont and MR. O.H. from Oxiana

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    Something going on there. They have just been catching up to the market cap of PEN. They have a 50/50 holding on that project with PEN. Their shares will jump higher on good news because they only have 24 million shares on issue.

    PEN also jumped .03 cents today but have 515 Million shares on issue. There must be good news coming out in regards to that project. I'm annoyed because I should of realised and bought into this one earlier.

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    And again. Up 28% today on no news. But very light trading.

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    It has to do with their project in the Fiji.


    I regret not buying it when I first became aware of it.

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    hey i don't know anything about this one but something is up here
    have a look at the sharp rise today and the increase volume
    does anyone have a clue about what could be on the horizon


    don't own
    bear with me, bull

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    anyone holding or watching this stock they don't seem to be doing anything but market is so low ($2 mil)

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    Hi All,
    I am new to ASF but have been watching (and holding) GPR for a while. There was a bit of noise from them early last year about "bonanza grade" find at Faddy's deposit in Fiji (I assume bonanza grade is a good thing). Everything then went quiet. Fair bet that soveriegn risk is a concern and if I were sitting on something big in such an unstable political environment i would probably keep my cards close to the chest too!!. Personally, I have banked (gambled?) on the fact that not long after the Faddy's bonanza news the GPR directors recruited some top gun capital advisors/managers, and shortly after that some recognised (resource focussed) venture capitalists jumped on board the register. I for one am hoping that they get back to the .70c of a cpl of years ago.

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    A comparatively large order on GPR placed today. Something is going on here. I own some, so I am hoping this is the beginning of a trend not a short term thing. Do I sell ..... hmmmmm, the eternal question. Has anyone got anything on these guys

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    Up 27% today (100% in last week). They made ann earlier today, which in itself doesnt seem to contain anything groundbreaking, but clearly something has put a rocket under the SP

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    Default Re: GPR - Geopacific Resources

    MC - $6.5m
    SP - 14c
    Shares - 43m
    Options - 26m
    Cash - $1.5m

    • Drilling at the Sabeto Project returned a 32m zone of anomalous gold and copper grading 0.24g/t Au and 0.12% Cu from 90m downhole within altered sanidine porphyry intrusive, plus epithermal gold-base metal mineralisation grading up to 5.1g/t Au over intervals between 0.5 and 2m.
    • The drilling confirms the prospectivity of Sabeto for both gold-rich disseminated porphyry related gold copper mineralisation and low temperature epithermal vein style gold base metal deposits.
    • Previously unsampled zones of fracture-controlled base-metal sulphide mineralisation, similar to that associated with high gold values at Faddy’s, identified in historic drillholes from Mistry prospect.
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