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    Can anyone recommend some resources to learn about the mining industry? I am reasonably confident in understanding the fundamentals of industrial companies but when it comes to mining

    Books, websites - anything to take me back to the basics and develop an understanding of these companies


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    Smile Re: Learning about Mining Stocks

    Hi OSS,

    Try you local library for:

    "How to Invest in Gold Stocks and Avoid the Pitfalls"
    by Donald J Hoppe ... ISBN 0-87000 178 -7

    Whilst there's probably many other books with more
    up-to-date stats on individual companies, this book
    has a lot of interesting information about global gold
    stocks and global markets.

    Of particular interest is the historical information, about
    gold's performance in both bull and bear markets.

    have a great weekend


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    Default Re: Learning about Mining Stocks

    The Mining Valuation Handbook

    by Victor Rudenno

    2nd edition is out there

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