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    Question Lost Shares

    Hi I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction. I received a bequest of shares in a will however the relevant paperwork is not with ther personal effects of the deceased.

    I recall that she used to speak about having shares in Qantas . However I was wondering is there somewhere you can type in a surname and lost shares can be located , something like a lost super search ?

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    I have no idea to be honest, but maybe you should phone Computershare??

    Or her broker, do you know who that is?
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    the question was asked previously and this was the answer

    I suppose its right

    ASIC administers lost shares. The website is


    The phone number is on their website so you can ring them.
    Maybe you can let us know on this thread if it works so we know for future reference.


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    Qantas registrar of shareholders should have information you are looking for.
    I think anybody can pay fee to receive that type of information, Tweed did.

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