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    Default POH - Phosphagenics

    I bought some shares in it back when they were 0.26, unfortunately they didn't do anything for months so I ended up giving up and getting out again at 0.26.

    Now I look again today thinking they've probably just dwindled around 0.25 but no, they are breaking 0.40 and with a lot of potential upside based on the various deals they have now made.

    Has anyone put much analysis into this stock?

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Hi Silence

    Thanks for this post. Classic lower risk entry at the ! And now with appropriate volume increase. This sort of pattern occurs frequently enough and will happen again. Keep a watch for them.
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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Thanks for the chart. Looks like a parabolic break out.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Read in Smart investor magazine that this company is not far from becoming profitable. Also seems to have some promising technologies in the pipeline. Its still a bit speculative. Have to see how it goes.


    Looks like nestle is sniffing around this company now as well as some of the major pharmaceuticals.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    I bought at 26 c and then more at 39c
    but im planning to hold on and see how their product development and trials go. Hopefully they continue with the good test results, i have seen a couple of reviews floating around that value the shares around 62c ?

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    are they going into europe?

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Im not sure about europe

    I sold about half my stock in them at 32 c the other day im kicking myself now but im still holding a few. I know that if all goes well and they end up putting the Phopsa E into products it could be marketed world wide.

    My prediction is 60c+ next year possibly 2nd quarter. but if they manage to get the anti cancer drug working the skys the limit but thats at least 12-18 months out before we can get a better idea of its potential.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    These guys are now on trading halt pending announment of results of capital raising program.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what "capital raising" could mean eg. share issues, loans etc

    I have been on these guys for a while but the last thing i need is my SP diluted by the issue of more shares.

    Any ideas ?

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Probably means share issue or maybe notes. Yeah its a bit of a bummer having shares diluted but I think over the long term this company will do very well. If you're in for the long haul keep hold of them.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Yeah I bought in at 26c so im still up, had them for about 6 months now was going to hold for 12 to avoid to much tax.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    done some more research...

    they deliver drugs through the skin...

    BBY values it at 60cents. share dilution is not the worst in this case.

    Its not far away from royalties. i think its worth a nibble.....

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Mate these guys are worth more than a nibble.
    The transdermal patch is stil a bit away its the deal with Nestle which is worth big bucks.

    They just completed the clinical trials for Phospha E which Nestle paid for, the results came back extremely positive.
    Now its up to nestle to take it on or not.

    A friend of mine was down there last week, apparently if Nestle do take it on and thats a good chance. They will put the stuff in most of their food products.

    It reduces cholesterol and apparently helps reduce the damage from heart desease. Thats alot of products to put it in. Imagine chocolate bars that aren't so bad for you

    Anyway Phosphagenics has a deal to be the sole producer of the stuff, it costs them $5 per KG to make andthey will sell it to Nestle at $700 per KG.

    I'm loading up now and i will definitly be taking part in the share placement plan.

    PS. this is a company i held for over 6 months sold out of recently at a loss because i was disillusioned with their promises. I'm not ramping just saying if Nestle say Yes its going to take off

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Well, time to bring this one up again I guess:

    Quote Originally Posted by POH website, 12th JAN

    Phosphagenics Ltd ( “Phosphagenics” ) (ASX Code: POH) (AIM Code: PSG) announced today that Nestlé Nutrition has exercised its option to finalise the existing commercial agreement to use Phospha-E® for the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome.

    Under the terms of the option agreement, both parties must consent to all public announcements, and further details will be released once Phosphagenics has received Nestle Nutrition’s consent.

    Based on Friday's move upwards and the November resistance of around 40 cents, I think it will start to make its way up to near 40c (at least) and trade somewhere between 33-40 until the deal is finalised (if it is of course).

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Chart looks very good

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    Post Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    In what way does the chart look good?

    It does look like a reversal is due, but too premature to jump in for mine.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Its an ascending triangle formation - a bullish sign

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Quote Originally Posted by Chief Wigam
    In what way does the chart look good?

    It does look like a reversal is due, but too premature to jump in for mine.
    I want to know how this stock traded over 5 milllion units yesterday without moving over a cent? Especially when a typical day is about 300,000 units.
    Today was a typical day and sp didnt move either. Hmmm. same thing happened back in jan06 to no avail .
    Food for thought food for nestle!

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Quote Originally Posted by constable
    I want to know how this stock traded over 5 milllion units yesterday without moving over a cent? Especially when a typical day is about 300,000 units.
    Could be the so called 'smart money' moving in?

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    I believe it was because the shares they issued recently started trading yesterday.

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    Default Re: POH - Phosphagenics

    Looks like this thread has gone to sleep lately so I thought I'd quickly
    add something about POH that sounds like things might get interesting, in
    the near future. This company has not only this in the pipeline but some other interesting projects, namely with nestle. Their insulin project looks promising.
    I'd keep this one on a watchlist.

    Diabetes patch three years away
    Updated: 12:14, Saturday August 18, 2007

    A group of Melbourne scientists are on the brink of developing a world first patch to treat diabetes.

    Biotechnology company, Phosphagenics Ltd has developed a 'non invasive' insulin which could end the need for injections.

    When the patch is stuck onto the patient's arm, millions of tiny balls of insulin squeeze themselves between the skin cells then they are absorbed into the skin.

    At the moment the insulin is in a gel form but scientists hope to create a patch within the next few months. They believe the drug could be on the market within three years.

    Type 2 Diabetes is the target because those patients form the largest group that can't control their sugar levels with oral medication and are reluctant to have insulin injections.

    The patch will also be effective for Type 1 Diabetics as well.

    It's estimated one million people have diabetes, but almost half of them don't even know it.


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