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    Default HSBC to E-Trade

    I am using HSBC stockbroking online and find it very friendly, especially as a gold member where I can access recommendations and consensus and a range of other research tools.

    E-Trade has bought HSBC but I haven`t spent time to read into the details yet.

    HSBC have told me that I can remain trading via the platform I have been using.

    If there is anyone in the same boat, do you know whether this will remain or do I have to ultimately use E-Trades platform for trading?

    If so are there any bonuses available being a HSBC customer?
    I saw that Commsec was spruiking themselves on HSBC`s site when the sale was on but have heard that they suck.


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    Default Re: HSBC to E-Trade

    I'm in the same boat bing. I also have a Margin Loan with them which has been sold to St George. I've just gone ahead and applied for an ANZ ML to quicken the process along and get it all under the one umbrella, although ANZ only owns 14% of E trade. The best info you can get is to just read the stuff on both web sites and to go to E Trade and test the platform they have available. There's three different platforms depending on your requirements. The main difference been whether you want to trade darivatives or CFDs. By my reading you'll actually get more recommendations/reports on E Trade compared to HSBC. However, for the platform I want to use (E Trade Pro) I'll be paying $80 a month to access it if I don't trade more than 10 times a month. That's fine for me atm, because I'm comfortably doing that. Anyway, best you go to E Trade and check it out. Cheers.

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    Default Re: HSBC to E-Trade

    E trade website claims you earn Qantas frequent flyer points when you trade. So when BHP hits $8 and you can't afford to buy a ticket, maybe you can still go to Brazil on points.

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    Default Re: HSBC to E-Trade

    I'm also using HSBC, and have recently moved a second account from NAB to Etrade.

    From what little I've seen of Etrade so far, just the standard platform, I rather like HSBC better. Still having trouble finding much info about warrants on Etrade, and find having to enter a trading password with each trade a pain.

    I gather that in early September you'll all have to move to Etrade directly, although I believe you can still use the HSBC settlement account if you have one.

    Which makes me wonder now how I'm going to operate the direct debit facility after that (between NAB and HSBC), since I currently operate that from the HSBC Stockbroking website.


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