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    Default Looks that bigger is better for looks

    From ABC, August 25

    Nelson to probe ADF 'plastic surgery'

    Defence Minister Brendan Nelson says he is yet to receive advice on reports soldiers are having plastic surgery at taxpayers' expense.
    It has been claimed women are having breast enlargements, saying their work is being affected because they are depressed by their appearance.
    Under Australian Defence Force policy, personnel can get access to plastic surgery if their ability to work is threatened because of their psychological state.
    Dr Nelson says he will investigate the claims.
    "The most important thing to appreciate is that we are very proud of the men and women who serve in the Australian Defence Force in those three services," he said.
    "We do everything we can in order to cater to their reasonable needs.
    "And until I've received some advice on whether this has occurred, how it occurs, to whom it is provided and for what purpose, I'm not prepared to comment on it."
    If true, blokes could go for enlargement too, with or without sex change

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    Default Re: Looks that bigger is better for looks

    I think its good.
    The men could all have chiselled chins and strong handsome faces with plenty of hair.
    The women could all look like Amazons with blonde hair and extra padding.

    They would look like Gods striding the earth.

    The enemy would be afraid to fight them!

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