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    Default CFDs, not for the undercapitalised?

    HI All,

    I have done quite a few searches trying to find the a general consensus on cfd's and the beginner trader with a small budget

    The reason i have been looking into this is that i have a limited amount of money to start trading with (6-8k) and some say the cfd's are the best way to build up your capitol.

    At the moment i am keen to learn more about trading cfd's but dont like the idea of trading leverage when i am so inexperienced, but is this feeling warranted? Can the risk be controlled and managed the same as when trading stocks?

    On searching the forums it seems opinions are mixed on the subject.

    My current strategy is to trade 2 to 3 stocks at a time max looking for short term opportunities and compounding my profits and as time goes on i should be able to increase my position sizes etc etc. On paper this is working quite well so far looking for about 15% on each trade.

    I just dont want to close my self off to any other options i may have, there is always a better way!

    Cheers All

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    Default Re: CFD's, Not for the undercapped?


    This is in the wrong spot, couls someone please move it to the beginners lounge?



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