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    Default What is a "U" trade?

    Hi ALL

    Im new here and to the stock market in general.

    Have seen a few stock orders on ANZ Etrade with a "/U" following the number of shares in the order.

    Am wondering what this refers to?

    Bye All


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    Default Re: What is a "U" trade?

    it means undisclosed bidder

    it refers to a bid of over $200,000.00
    if the bid is partly filled the number of shares remaining will be shown once the $ amount falls below 200000


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    Default Re: What is a "U" trade?

    Hi toc bat,

    That U stands for an undisclosed number of shares. Sometimes people who are buying (or selling) larger amounts of shares don't want others to know just how many they are buying (or selling). I think the amount of the trade needs to be over $25,000 worth, but I'm not totally sure.


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