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    Default 9/11 demolition explosions video... must see

    Hi this is a part of the documentary which turned me on the side of the conspiracy theorists.. its a must see


    This is footage shot across the river on a tripod which records all the massive explosions a few seconds before the tower collapses. the first 13 minutes is just unedited footage then it gets interesting as they do analysis and take out the lag for the sound delay. So it will be pretty boring untill then.

    for those who are interested cheers..

    also heres a little one of the building 7 demolition that also fell that day

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    Default Re: 9/11 demolition explosions video... must see

    Tarnor how is the glue sniffing going?

    Good second video there! I said before the collapsing buildings were strange and the second video looks like a demolition in progress but forgot to tell the streets nearby.
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    Default Re: 9/11 demolition explosions video... must see

    Have a look at this if you haven't seen it. I don't really like the evidence of towers being staged, but the Pentagon is the dodgy one. They found almost no wreckage of the plane, which they said was vaporised by the heat... yet they still managed to identify the majority of the 'bodies'...


    A lot of other stuff out there too for those interested.

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    Default Re: 9/11 demolition explosions video... must see

    I don't think it was demolition charges. All it would take is for one or two stories to collapse from the heat stress on the steel and concrete and the rest would go from the impact of them. I agree that the Pentagon sounds dodgy though.

    I wonder if there is enough circumstantial stuff to warrant an inquiry after Bush gets his rotten ass thrown out of Washington? Cheney's is a crooked bugger too.
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    Default Re: 9/11 demolition explosions video... must see

    I was thinking of making a bootleg hiphop song using Bushisms & eyewitness accounts as lyrics, distributed via MP3 sites

    probably could use "a fooled man cant get fooled again"

    and use "we wont be fooled again" music from CSI Miami

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    Default Re: 9/11 demolition explosions video... must see

    Money Tree your comments would be really funny except this man is the reason why we are sending people to war!

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