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    I am contemplating changing my timing belt, b4 its snaps.

    How many kms have you been able to drive b4 yours snapped.

    The manufactures seem to suggest changing them at around 90,000km.

    My current clocked up kms is 108,000.

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    I have never had a timing belt snap,
    but have replaced a few.

    Replacing a timing belt is usually very easy for most "handy"

    I would not like to wait to have a timing belt snap.

    What happens if a timing belt snaps
    ================================================== ====
    Timing belts are quieter than chains, but they have a shorter life expectancy. And that's why engine manufacturers specify belt replacement at some specific mileage.

    Not many years ago, engines usually were designed to be "freewheeling," which meant that if the timing belt snapped, the engine just stopped running. Sure a new belt had to be installed, but that was it.

    Today that's no longer the case. Because of tightened emissions controls and engineering efforts to improve engine performance, it just isn't possible to design freewheeling engines anymore. And that can create some big headaches. Here's why:

    If a timing belt snaps during engine operation, the crankshaft continues to turn for a brief period. The pistons on half the cylinders come up and "kiss" the valves that had been opened on intake or exhaust (and without the belt drive, remain open). The kiss is anything but affectionate, and the usual results are bent valves and possibly piston damage.

    In some cases, the cylinder head can be reconditioned, with new valves and guide inserts. But often a new cylinder head or heads are required-a significant expense.

    ================================================== ========

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stop_the_clock
    I am contemplating changing my timing belt, b4 its snaps.

    How many kms have you been able to drive b4 yours snapped.

    The manufactures seem to suggest changing them at around 90,000km.

    My current clocked up kms is 108,000.
    Depending on what type of engine you have, a broken cambelt can cost a fortune (Depends on whether it is deemed a "safe" engine) that is whether your valves will get walloped by your pistons when the belt snaps.Play it safe and change it would be my advice.A hundred dollars now is better than $4000 for a new head, valves etc.
    My posts are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice in any way.

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    I have done a little research and my current car is "freewheeling", so no expensive repairs if it does snap.

    A previous car of mine had a timing chain, that snapped and bent the valves. Nasty repair bill that turned out to be

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    The cam timing belt requires replacement every 90,000km, but it is not a big or expensive job. Even if it is neglected and the belt eventually breaks, the consequences are not catastrophic. The engine is a free-spinning design so there is no chance of valves tangling with pistons and other components.
    Source: carsguide

    Car: Hyundai Excel 98 DOHC 1.5 Litre

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    I'd still change the belt. Better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere at night or in the middle of a busy intersection during peak hour.

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    I checked the price and a timing belt cost around $46 so I will pick one up this week and get my bro to help me change it.

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    the thought of a fully extended valve and a piston rushing towards it sends shivers down my spine
    Change it!!!

    do you really want to rely on what a web site says?
    Better off asking hyundai.

    but hey if anyone does have a bit of bad luck (mind you 108000k's isnt bad luck ) my website is just one click away... see below

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    Belt changed, all is good.

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    Hey mint man, done any flash tuning on the ls2? Im looking at getting a VE SS and I dont like the sound of 'torque managment' or rumours of 'de-tuning'. What'd'ya reckon; intake, exhaust, k+n, good flash tune from my new best mate mint man = much over 300kw? (Personally I reckon HSV is holdin' out on us )

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