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    Default Emergency services seek SIM-less calls block

    Quote Originally Posted by ABC
    August 18, 2006

    Emergency services in Tasmania are lobbying the State Government to support a move to block all calls from mobile phones without SIM cards.
    Emergency service organisations say prank calls from SIM-less mobiles are wasting time and putting lives at risk.
    Ambulance Service spokesman Brendan Smith says most emergency organisations want the calls banned.
    "There are some problems potentially with blocking SIM-less calls, but the vast majority of SIM-less calls are unfortunately nuisance calls," Mr Smith said.
    Earlier this week one young teen in Hobart made 50 calls to the Tasmania Fire Service in just over an hour, delaying four distress calls.
    The calls were made from a mobile where the SIM card had been removed.
    The Australian Communications and Media Authority says all state governments must agree to a ban before it can act.
    The Tasmanian and Northern Territory governments have not agreed to a ban, and the Tasmanian Government says it will treat all 000 calls as genuine.
    The issue will be considered again at a meeting of the National Emergency Communications Working Group in November.
    Another plot to restrict democratic rights, but can we afford to allow innocent lives be at risk just because somebody exercises democratic right to be a nuisance?

    Another hard decision to make, but I would be much happier if we donít have to put up with rubbish.

    Also, somebody caught should be charged with total recovery of cost including court case costs.

    Similar to HECS scheme, should it make somebody bankrupt?

    We should make tougher laws for rebuilding somebodyís life after bankruptcy, as it is now it is laughable, and many smart cookies go this way many times in one short life.

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    Default Re: Emergency services seek SIM-less calls block

    If this plan goes ahead then no doubt at some point in the future we'll be hearing "...he would have survived if only the phone had a SIM card in it and was able to call an ambulance".

    I suggest that a one month mandatory imprisonment for anyone proven to be making known false calls to emergency services would fix the problem real fast. And no more than one or two would actually be locked up - it's the deterrent value that's important.

    Fair enough if someone wrongly suspects a heart attack and calls an ambulance - they're doing what they think is the right thing. But when someone sends the fire brigade to a fire that simply doesn't exist then that's another matter. A slap on the wrist just isn't a sufficient deterrent for something that could result in lives lost.

    I'm not known for taking a hard line on anything, but this is one case where no messing about should be tolerated IMO.

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    Default Re: Emergency services seek SIM-less calls block

    Quote Originally Posted by Smurf1976
    he would have survived if only the phone had a SIM card in it and was able to call an ambulance
    But then that's not much different to not having a phone at all - "he would have survived if only he had a phone" - or being somewhere without reception.

    And why would the average person have a phone without a SIM card in it anyway?

    An alternative might be for the emergency number to have some sort of automatic internal routing, shuffling calls from SIM-less phones off to lower-priority operators.


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    Default Re: Emergency services seek SIM-less calls block

    This is a similar issue to the banning of pseudoephidrine sales without photo ID, and also copping the bad attitude from pharmacy assistants when you ask for the sudafeds of this world!

    The actions of a few idiots make everything much harder for the rest of us

    I agree with smurf - mandatory court appearance at least to scare the bejesus out of the pranksters and advertise the fact that this will happen.
    (Although Great Pig is right - why a sim less phone? )

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    Default Re: Emergency services seek SIM-less calls block

    A big thumbs down. This will only hurt those who genuinely need to make an emergency call and don't have a sim on them. be it grandma who can't afford a phone but is given her grandsons old mobile, or 15 yo agatha who cant be trusted not be calling her friends all the time but her praents still want her to carry a mobile for safety reasons, or felicity who finds a disused mobile in her kidnappers basement, or frank whos working in his toolshed a fair way from the house but keeps a old mobile on the shelf in case of an emergency or Mr and Mrs Jones who are caught in a fire in the house and the only phone they can get to is a old mobile in the cupboard. These are just some legit reasons people need to be able to make 000 calls from a sim less mobile. Just because some people are abusing the system shouldnt mean the system needs to get scrapped.

    Those who make prank calls will continue to do so and will only be inconvenienced by this. But for those who do this will only delay or even prevent emergency services from reaching them. What they need to be doing is cracking down on the pranksters. For examble, just like all landlines to triple 0 are mandatoried reverse searched, they should make better use of triangulating the position of the mobile caller. if its not anywhere remotely close to where the mobile caller is asking the emergency services to go, then question it.

    Having a sim only tells you who owns the sim anyway, not who is making the phone call. If thats enough to deter the perpentrators then why hasnt having the imei been enough? its just as easy if not easier to buy a sim without showing id.

    Reducing emergency services resources from being wasted shouldnt start with threatening peoples lives to save other peoples lives. (emergency services tending to prank calls can prevent those emergency vehicles from reaching those really in need ). It should start with tackling the problem itself - the sobs who get a kick out of making false phonecalls.

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    Default Re: Emergency services seek SIM-less calls block

    If SIM-less phones are such common occurrence, then maybe we have to give people some kind of Community type SIM, that is working like a SIM, but is given to people who have legitimate reasons to have phone without full working capability.

    Like landline phone that you can only call emergency and receive calls.

    On top of that pranksters should be severely punished, so it doesnít pay to be one.

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