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    Default Driving around the U.S.

    In 2 weeks we are off to the states

    I had planned to buy a campervan in L.A, drive to San Fran, then over to Chicago, NY, Miami, Vegas & back to L.A over 2 months.

    can an aussie buy a car in the U.S? I was told you need insurance to transfer title, and you cant get insurance without a U.S address...

    is this a good route to take? Im told its best to do the northern states while its not too cold, and avoid the southern states till it gets cooler. What are the must-see stopoffs?

    Hiring a car seems cheap, have seen em for $89/wk.....campers however cost about $70/day plus heaps for milage.....so hiring a camper is out. Could hire a car & stay at motels?

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    Default Re: driving around the U.S

    I reckon you would be better off hiring a car in the U.S. saves all the hassels of registration/titles/insurance etc.

    Just make sure you treat the car well and have adequate insurance cover.

    I rented cars across the border in Canada, no problems, just need a credit card, passport etc.

    I also bought a car in Canada, but had it registered in my mates name, who is a Canadian resident.

    I am sure you will work out what is the best option to buy or to rent, the costs involved and the laws etc.

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    Default Re: Driving around the U.S.

    I wouldnt do the camper thing ... there are decent discount motel chains (motel 8 and motel 47 or whatever). Get their guidebook (with maps etc) and use the internet booking system etc.

    They have loyalty programs that can save 10% each night.

    Hire or buy a car ... dunno.

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