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    Hi all
    I was browsing a paper and the word "derivatives" caught my eyes and i found the following:

    "Derivatives trader Michael Hill and his wife, Elizabeth-Ann, have done something similar. They've bought two adjoining Avalon holdings at a $10.85 million cost next to historic Finisterre overlooking Pittwater. The Whale Beach-based couple have also spent $4.5 million on a 66-hectare Pokolbin holding."

    has anyone heard of Michael Hill? maybe he's not a high-profile trader? a google search returned nothing valuable...

    just being curious....

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    Maybe Michael Hill jeweller??

    I heard he's doing okay; got his own golf-course in New Zealand... his OWN golf course... that surely makes owning a pool or tennis court look fairly ordinary!

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    Isnt there michael hill jewellery stores?

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    Yes, Michael Hill, Jeweller indeed. Presumably it's the same person.

    When I was living in NZ I was nearly driven mad when watching TV by the number of irritating advts for "Michael Hill Jewellers". The message was relentless and delivered in much the same way as whatever product was being advertised with the bloke offering the set of steak knives and that dreadful phrase, "but wait, there's more......".

    However, obviously it worked for Michael Hill. Sounds as though he's fairly seriously rich these days.


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    I remember the gold gold silver silver chain chain sale sale ads

    I thought those ads were quite clever so do did my mates

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