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    Post CAG - Cape Range

    Cape Range Wireless has been going through so many tests 422 to be exact and is now handed over their Langkawi installation to Telecom Malaysia. I believe we are close to some very positve contracts being announced that will change this company from a speculative stock to one that has credability and an accepted product in the Telco industry.

    I would be pleased to hear from others in their opinion of this company and its future.


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    Default Re: CAG is it finally going somewhere

    I was in CAG recently but bailed out when it seemed to be going nowhere but down. I would have thought with the positive news that the price would at least stabilise. The market obviously knows something I don't (yet).
    Any news on future contracts/announcements? I thought I'd spotted a pattern of steady rises with minor corrections but it's broken that trend- I thought I'd catch the next upswing but no luck.

    Until the last few months it looked like it was in an uptrend (albeit with corrections here and there). The recent slide in the price has seen it fall away from the gradual rises achieved over the last year or so.

    There seems to be a fair bit of support at the current prices (around $0.037) but $0.04 is providing strong resistance. I'd keep an eye on the next support level at around $0.030.


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    Default Re: CAG is it finally going somewhere

    Well, although I bought CAG when it was going down (being a beginner I forgot a cardinal rule!) I managed to bail out earlier. It's now closing just above 3c but fell to 2.3c this week! I have no real idea what to expect. I'll stay away for now as there hasn't been any real change in the downtrend, market sentiment or business outlook.
    Anyone have a better idea of what's happening (apart from the 5c options expiring next month)?


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    Default CAG on the move

    "By 2006 CAG will have supplied its products to several developing countries and will be established internationally as a leading supplier of wireless broadband for telephone/fax/internet. Let the good times roll."

    The US $66 million Bangladesh order puts this prediction well on track. With rollout starting this month and future orders of US $320 million from Bangladesh alone, at 4 cents CAG is dirt cheap. These sales could be dwarfed by potential orders for rural telephony in neighbouring India, (rural population 600 milion). 2005 will see a major re-rating of CAG as the market sees the cash flowing in.

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    Post CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    'Cape Range network wins Asia contracts
    Pubfication: The West Australian; Date:2005 3an 25; Section:News; Page Number: 34
    Arcadian wireless system connects remote and rural communities to telephone lines
    Cape Range network wins Asia contracts

    Cape Range Wireless is making inroads into new Asian markets after a lucrative Bangladesh contract and a glowing endorsement from the Malaysian Government helped push its rural communications technology into the commercial arena after seven years of development.

    The company's patented Arcadian system is designed to transmit voice and data wirelessly from a country's main telephone network to communities 50 to 60km away. Chairman Ron Wise said the technology aimed to bridge the "digital divide" between
    developed and remote areas by offering a system which had low capital, maintenance and operation costs. "The product we have developed answers the needs of much of the developing world
    demand where people have never used a telephone for lack of service and yet already access to the Internet for education purposes," he said. First developed in 1998 and tested on the Malaysian island of Langkawi since last year, Arcadian recently won a contract with Bangladesh carrier PeoplesTet for a 30-month first stage deal worth at least $85 million. The first 10,000 lines are expected to be installed in about 39 communities in Bangladesh by the end of March and a second phase of the deal, worth $415 million, is being finalised.

    Mr Wise said the Bangladesh contract was a turning point for Cape Range after years of operating in an industry where telcos had been cautious about wireless technology.

    "It's taken us a good two years longer than we hoped to get through the regulatory environment," he said. "Everything we do (to put the system in place) affects the whole security and lifeline of every country through its telephone network. "Before they would let us connect we needed to satisfy an inordinate number of different groups."

    The PeoplesTel deal has paved the way in other countries.
    About 46 towns and villages in Malaysia are set to connect to the system in a US$10 million deal after Arcadian was certified and signed up by Telekom Malaysia – helped by
    communication minister Lim Keng Yaik who this month said he was committed to ensuring the Penang made system was promoted throughout the developing world.
    Mr Wise said Thailand was preparing for initial installations and Cape Range had its eye on India and China.

    On the home front, Cape Range - which has its corporate headquarters in West perth and its main base in Malaysia through a subsidiary - was looking to try out the system in
    Australia and New Zealand with the view to providing services to rural and remote areas.
    It was also discussing a partnership with West Perth IT firm Comdek to link up to mining communities.
    The Arcadian system uses a base station to act as a gateway to a telephone network and a remote unit to receive signals farther out. Each remote unit can support up to 2500 subscribers.
    Further base stations could connect to a remote unit, allowing the next village to join the network and potentially span a whole country. "It's a telephone network in a box," Mr Wise said.
    The system could be solar powered and did not use much electricity, which was often unreliable in the target areas
    The remote stations could be kept in a house and did not need special storage conditions, such as air-conditioning, or specialist technical knowledge.
    Arcadian's wireless nature meant it had lower infrastructure costs than other networks and it could travel easily over water.

    Mr Wise said an initial challenge during development was how the platform could carry voice and data without compromising the quality and speed of either. Using a digital signal processor and an internet-based system, no bandwidth was wasted and data could be transmitted during gaps in the voice signal, allowing the same quality as a normal telephone line.

    Page 2 of2 ; Cape Range network wins Asia contracts

    At a dinner celebrating Cape Range's Bangladesh deal this month, PeoplesTel managing director Tim Nurun Nabi said the carrier would be able to provide urban-quality services to
    rural areas at 50 per cent less than the normal tariffs charged by other telcos' The dinner was attended by 11 ambassadors from African and Asian countries who expressed interest in Cape Range's showcase system in Langkawi.
    Cape Range shares have failed to crack the 5c mark since last June, a far cry from the 60c peak during the dotcom glory days of 2000. Yesterday they closed unchanged at 4.1c.
    Ron Wise: Says the technology aims to bridge the "digital divide" between developed and remote
    areas. Picture: Ian Ferguson
    2s/01/200s http://enewspaper.thewest.com.ar.r/A...SkinFolder:WAN

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    Default Re: CAG is it finally going somewhere

    I am sure the question you asked has been asked a few times in the last few/six months but what do you think? Please I am asking nicely.

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    Default Re: CAG is it finally going somewhere

    CAG looked interesting on Tech's market scans this morning. I wish I had more time to test/trade based on the information in those marketscans.

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    Default Re: CAG is it finally going somewhere

    Cape Range Wireless up 30% in last two weeks big increase in Turnover this afternoon. (5/1/06)

    (0.02 - $0.026 cps)

    Announcement today 13.10

    Farrant $3 mill loan converted to 120mill shares @ $0.027

    David Hills (new CEO) announces Arcadian units shipped in
    November for testing. PeoplesTel Bangladesh, have now integrated the system into their network and have commenced connecting Customer$.

    The majority of the Arcadian equipment required to complete the rollout of 11,000 lines has now been manufactured and tested and is ready
    for shipment over January and February to coincide with third
    party microwave equipment

    announcement today 5/1/06 15.15

    changes to substantial shareholders and directors interests

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    Movement at the station ?
    Unusual market movement, low turnover but 13% increase in SP today (23/1/06) .022 ^ .025

    better news than early January's `paying customer$` Which saw
    the SP spike 50% ? ( .02 ^.03 before languishing back to .022 )

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    Default cape range wireless

    cag range (cag) had bottomed last week. good volume by end of week, announcement due on merger this month, cheap entry point. will they continue to go up this week?

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    Smile Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    Hi folks,

    CAG ...... will be looking for some positive
    news this coming week, around 08062006 ... ???

    happy days


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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    bizzare day......230M+ shares traded within a massive range of 60%......any ideas anyone???

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    Post CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    CAG tonight came out with an the following announcement:

    * Cape Range Wireless Limited will pay $400,000 and issue 65,000,000 shares to acquire a 20% interest in Metro Consolidated [s] Pte Ltd (“Metro”).
    * Metro owns 100% of the shares in PT Metro Consolidated Resources (“MCR”), (95% as a direct holding and 5% through a trust arrangement) a Foreign Investment Company (Penanaman Modal Asing), which has entered into a sub-contract with PT Batubesar Mega Nusantara (“BMN”) to conduct mining activities on a coal prospect covered by Coal Contract of Work PKP2B – Area KW.0080 (“CCOW”), issued by the Government of Indonesia.
    * PT Senamas Energindo Mulia (“SEM”) (the holder of the CCOW) has appointed BMN as its mining contractor and BMN’s rights have been sub-contracted to MCR in return for a royalty payment by MCR.
    * A non-JORC resource was previously established at the coal prospect using the US Bureau of Mines and US Geological Survey (“USGS”) method.
    * The Project is contained on 10,000 hectares of land (located in the Kota Baru region of South Kalimantan).
    * Put and Call Options have been granted over the remaining 80% of the shares in Metro.
    * Ability to secure additional exploration area of 13,250 hectares adjacent to the exploitation area.

    Anyone here a shareholder?



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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    I actually grabbed a few of these late in the day for a trade,

    However now that I'm actually looking into the story I sorta like what I see and will probably hold

    The company is a re-cap done by the Steinpris crew who did NSL it seems

    Anyway real speccie but I'm trying to work out how much coal they may be targeting, its all a bit cryptic

    Anyone else looking at this one?

    p.s. be warned that it looks like its getting ramped on H Crapper with comments like 35Billion Tonnes Coal and "the NEXT XYZ"
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    See this is so funny,

    I watched CAG yesterday, after seeing it in the top volume movers, I said hmm maybe worth a trade but maybe wait for a re-trace, it never came so I just jumped in and bought a few, I then saw Hot Crapper and got really worried as the stock was being ramped to the shizen

    However late last night I went over the ann and tried to analyse what little fundies there were with Kenna (taxi drivers hey Kenna? )

    Anyway here's what I liked 1. Its a re-cap and these things tend to run and it is the same team that did NSL and that has far exceeded my expectations

    2. The commodity they are going for is thermal coal which is kinda a "hot sector" at the moment

    3. The mkt cap is small ie $10m it looks like maybe $12m (not sure)

    Here's what I'm unsure of
    1. Similar to my NSL concerns with India and Indian Iron Ore acquistion how realiable is this Indonesian data?

    2. The company only has $2m cash which doesn't go a long way when it comes to Coal mining operations

    3. We aren't yet told how much coal they are looking at

    4. The stock has been ramped hard and so traders are no doubt on it = volatility and possible P&D's

    Here's what I saw last night though that made me really positive

    1. The company say that they already have a non-JORC estimate for the project which is just getting reviewed, however I have no doubt the company had a very good idea of exactly what was there before they considered looking at it

    2. The company CLAIMS it will commence mining by the 15th of July which is 2-3 weeks a way

    "MCR intends to fund all capital expenditure out of the proceeds of production. Under the approvals obtained in relation to the exploitation area, MCR must commence operations on or before 15 July 2008. In this regard, MCR has offers in place from more than one contractor. These offers will be reviewed and assessed by MCR in reference to costs and facilities given by the contractors including their experience and track record. MCR has advised that, if operations have not commenced by 15 July 2008, the relevant authorities can cancel the authorisation to proceed to mining (although an extension of time may also be possible). MCR does not believe there is any risk of operations not commencing by this date."

    So I'm not going to trade this, I am going to hold for a few weeks to see if this really will get into production by the 15th July, spec but lots of upside but high risk it would seem DYOR
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    I agree LN, especially on the taxi drivers! LOL

    This is a spec with potential to be rerated, but how much who knows.

    Good comparison with NSL I think.

    Really depends on what they produce in the coming weeks with development and the pre JORC resource that the Jewish boys need to confirm.

    I still think that time to production is a typo.

    Coal is almost steaming as much as poo at the moment.

    Go wireless coal!

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    Hey Kenna (taxi drivers charge!!! )

    Yeah I too am sceptical of the production date, but the company has repeatedly mentioned in the acquisition ann that mining must and will comence by the 15th July 2008

    Overview of the Coal Project
    Overview and Location SEM is the holder of a 3rd generation CCOW located in Kota Baru District, South Kalamantan. The CCOW covers an area of approximately 49,080 hectares which has been divided into 3 categories as follows:
    (a) Exploration Stage – 13,250 hectares;
    (b) Feasibility Stage – 25,830 hectares; and
    (c) Exploitation/Production Operation Stage – 10,000 hectares.

    The exploitation area is the most advanced and is covered by the mining sub-contract between MCR and BMN. The Indonesian Ministry of Minerals and Mines has approved the commencement of mining activities in this area and mining related activities must commence on or before 15 July 2008 in order to comply with the terms of this approval.

    So they already have mining contractors? BMN or someone?

    "Metro, through its wholly owned subsidiary PT Metro Consolidated Resources ("MCR"), has entered into a sub-contract with PT Batubesar Mega Nusantara (“BMN”) to conduct mining activities on the area of land covered by the CCOW."

    How can they be so close to mining? My only thoughts are this is a turn key project ready to go?

    Like I said high risk but given the fact they maybe minig soon I am gonna wait and see
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    must agree with YT and Kennas, CAG provides a very interesting exposure to the hed hot coal sector.

    indonesia is the worlds lowest cost coal producer given low labour costs and fuel subsidies from the government.

    it is certainly a spec coal play but if they pull if off today's share price would look extremely cheap.

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    he he he, looks like my buying yesterday at 2.7c-2.8c was cheap in hindsight,

    I just think that with such a small mkt cap ie $10m - $15m you can't really go too far wrong in the current sentiment of the mkt

    Anyway as I said, I'm gonna wait and see how this production thing turns out,
    better not be a bloody typo though!
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Default Re: CAG - Cape Range Wireless

    I would like to thank TssMcGill over on HC for digging up this interesting little bit of information, it looks like the previous owners of this project have a contract to supply coal to PT PLN Indonesia which is the national electricity company of Indonesia, adding more weight to a likely new term coal mining operation.

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