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    Default Life sentence for 'ferocious' stabbing murder

    From ABC August 16, 2006. 2:48pm

    A 49-year-old man has been jailed for life with a 20-year minimum for murdering his former de facto wife a month after she took out a violence restraining order against him.
    Brian William Gamble pleaded guilty to wilfully murdering 42-year-old Julianne Kowald at Geraldton in February last year.
    Ms Kowald had taken out a violence restraining order a month before, but Gamble came to her house and repeatedly stabbed her.
    Justice Michael Murray has described the stabbing as a ferocious and savage attack.
    He imposed a sentence of strict security life imprisonment with a 20-year minimum.
    Outside the court, members of Ms Kowald's family, including her 11-year-old son, said they believed justice had been done.
    Well, title sound serious, but he just got life sentence of welfare in this court order.

    When out at 69, straight on pension, housing department accommodation and we keep picking up the bill.

    Would be nice if they could earn their keep inside, but life is tough for ones outside that is.

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    Default Re: Life sentence for 'ferocious' stabbing murder


    I understand what you mean and agree. However, what alternative would you suggest?


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    Default Re: Life sentence for 'ferocious' stabbing murder

    If people work outside to earn living, I strongly believe that they should contribute from the inside, unless they have funds to cover the cost of legal proceedings to put them there, accommodation, provided extra security and medical care.

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