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    Gday guys,

    I was wondering if someone could help me here?

    Does anyone know of or where i can find or can even write some of the codes for each individul sector???

    also how to find which shares go into this sector???

    eg code for oil sector?banking,construction,communications etc etc.

    much appreciated

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    Default Re: Sectors

    does anyone know one code for a sector??

    come on whos the smartest out there???

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    Default Re: Sectors

    surely someone knows the asx code for 1 sector plezse lets start this ball rolling.

    the all ords asx 200 etc etc


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    Quote Originally Posted by tasmanian
    surely someone knows the asx code for 1 sector plezse lets start this ball rolling.

    the all ords asx 200 etc etc

    Are you talking sectors or Indices?

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    Default Re: Sectors

    sectors mainly to start with trying to find the good sectors before trying to find the good stocks.

    imo find the good performing sector then look for the good stocks in that sector.

    does that sound like a good idea???


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    Default Re: Sectors

    Will get back to you

    I think I can get it off Bodhi Gold just have to work out how,
    But dinner time now

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    Default Re: Sectors

    Here you go ...

    Cheers, Staybaker.
    Attached Images

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    Default Re: Sectors

    awesome guys

    good start now how do we find each stock that represents each sector???

    anyone know more sector codes lets really get this ball rolling

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    Default Re: Sectors

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for
    ASX GICS sectors

    S&P site has the stocks of each sector

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    Quote Originally Posted by NettAssets
    Will get back to you

    I think I can get it off Bodhi Gold just have to work out how,
    But dinner time now
    Looks like you have the info you want now
    but I posted a list in
    How to view ASX200 or All Ords chart live?
    in the Beginners lounge
    Last edited by NettAssets; 16th-August-2006 at 01:33 AM.

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    Smile Re: Sectors

    Hi folks,

    Here's a brief overview of anticipated hot markets,
    from 2007-2011 .....

    From December 2006 - to - December 2007 solstice:

    Figure oil price will be strong in 2007, but uranium
    and hitech companies will NOT perform as well.

    Other industries that may do well, may include airlines,
    defence (ammo), tree plantations, horse racing (TAH?),
    higher education institutions, garnets, scientific (CSIRO?)
    publications, missiles, publishers, sporting goods,
    broadcasters, travel agents, cruise lines, shipping lines.

    Should see some spectacular gains in Aussie stocks,
    throughout 2007 and a particularly strong XJO,
    around 15-21022007 .....


    From December 2007 solstice - to - early January 2009,
    where we may see some good news treated with indifference,
    while any negative news is likely to be magnified.

    Uranium, health and hitech stocks are all expected
    to do well, during this period.

    Other sectors to watch in 2008, may be:

    Air conditioning, builders, cement, agricultural, grains,
    land speculation, limestone, minerals (black), quarries,
    orthopedics, real estate, salt, underground mines .....


    Early-January 2009 - to - mid-January 2010 should give us
    more strong oil prices, particularly in December 2009

    Uranium stocks may not perform too well, during this time.

    Other sectors that will likely come into favour, may be:

    Aircraft builders, radio and TV broadcasters, cars,
    electrical and electronic appliances, furniture, oil wells,
    photography, pilot training and sapphires .....


    From mid-January to late-May 2010, should see uranium on the boil
    again, with some spectacular new technology being introduced in
    latter-half of 2010 and continuuing into 2011, too.

    In both 2010 and January 2011, we should see uranium
    companies do well, while other sectors to monitor
    throughout 2011, may be:

    Fisheries, fish breeders, boat builders, drug manufacturers,
    jails and health institutions, spirits distillers, water supply
    and purification, stem cells, pumps, retirement villages and
    retreats, surfing apparel, wool.


    From late-January 2011-to-early-June 2011,
    sectors below may see some significant gains:

    Brain disease, hair replacement, foundries,
    furnaces and reactors, hardware, iron ore,
    lime, all metals, opticalware, surgical methods,
    physiotherapy, sheep and engineering tools.

    From mid-March 2011-to-early-March 2019, we
    should be in the next wave of "new technology",
    including medical, communications, energy and
    hitech advances, across all market sectors .....

    happy days


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