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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking into purchasing some preferred shares however I am having trouble to find out exactly what is the conversion ratio once/if i decide to convert them to common share at some stage in the future.

    Do you know of any tool/website providing such information? The most obvious source i thought of was the company's annual report however either it is not specified there or its hidden somewhere within.

    So how do I find a preferred / common conversion ratio for any given company issuing preferred shares?

    Thank you


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    maybe the AFR site

    See if that is what you need.

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    Most of the share info is in the Appendix 3B reports of companies, not in the annual reports. these are filed regularly, and can be found on the ASX at

    ASX Home > Prices, Research & Announcements > Announcements

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    quote ... related securities ... detail

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    check out http://www.asx.com.au/asx/markets/di...eSecurities.do

    you can click on an individual issue to see all its details

    the conversion is frequently mispriced for the smaller issues that the big boys don't invest in.

    GNCPA is a current example where the price is 4-5% below the value of conversion

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