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    Default Anyone know Roger Hamilton?

    Does anyone attended Wealth Dynamics workshop ?

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    Default Re: Anyone know Roger Hamilton ?

    Another business coach I think.Nice work if you can get it.

    If these guys are so good then why do they need to teach you how to fulfil your potential.Maybe they should concentrate on themselves .A total waste of time and money i.m.o.

    There are millions of these business and life coaches popping up, and yes I am very sceptical about their motives.Do yourself a favour, save your money and coach yourself.
    My posts are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice in any way.

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    Default Re: Anyone know Roger Hamilton?

    I agree that some of the hi-end psycho babble, usually overseas based gurus are not worth their hype, but how do you explain why in sport, high performing athletes/teams totally rely on their coaches? As do many high performing Executives - not the ones you read about in the papers but the ones who are transforming their organisations without the media hype.

    Everyone can learn from other people, and having a mentor is one of the most powerful ways of learning from the experiences of others. And knowing some of these coaches, their motive is altruistic, and passing on their experience and learnings to others is one of the most fulfilling things you can accomplish in life. At least, that is what the good ones think!

    Coaching yourself will have a totally different outcome; while obviously learning from your own mistakes is important, sometimes you just cant see where the mistakes are. And sometimes it is also important not to re-invent the wheel

    And like everything in life, there are always good and bad practioners in everything.

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    Default Re: Anyone know Roger Hamilton?

    Thanks guys, both of you have some points. I thought RH and Peter Dunn (ResultsNet Australia) are popular in oz

    any other opinions are welcome

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    Default Re: Anyone know Roger Hamilton?

    I believe very strongly that it is down right dangerous to be 'coached', or mentored by just one person.

    Read widely on various management techniques and lifestyle/personal management texts and make up your own mind on the best way to act and live.

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