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    Post GPO - GPS Online


    wondering if anyone has followed the movements since their 27th/7 announcements..

    anyway, can someobody tell me what the issued ordinary shares outsanding is for this company and where or which portal to find information like this reliably for other companies.

    it seems the asx doesn't even want to make it easy for people to know this sort of info...

    the gpsonline.com.au site doesn't evenshow 2005 announcements !!

    i remember that afr.com use to show stats like this but no more.

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    Easist way to find this information out is to retrieve their latest Appendix 3B announcement and look down at point 8.

    GPO has 484,326,562 fully paids on issue plus about 43mill options of various exercise dates/prices and 2.5M redeemable convertible preference shares.

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    still looking cheap..should be around 20 cents for a pe of 14,

    currently sti around pe of 10, check announcement, will make a profit for 07 of $10.3m NPBT

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    Default Re: GPO - GPS Online


    How did you come at the figure for the P/E

    My calculation come up below that and I would appreciate it if I could see how you have calculated it?



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    they have some 484m shares outstanding,

    but now i think recently its increased to 490m

    they expect for 07 Net profit before tax announced of $10.3m
    this company has losses so unlikely to pay tax, so lets assume after tax it's $7.5m earnings

    you work out earnings per share first

    $7.5m/490m shares outsanding gives you earnigs per share of 0.0153 (cents)

    now if the price of the stock is 0.15 cents

    than the Price earnings multiple is now: Price/earnings per share

    that is 0.15/0.0153

    which gives you a PE ratio of 9.8

    that is for every 1 cent of earnings you pay 9.8 times that amount in price it measures how much you pay to be entitled to that earnings....

    or for every 1 dollar of earnings, you pay 9.8 times in dollar values for the privelege of having this earnings...

    9.8: 1 is the ratio or price to earnings

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    hey cheers for that

    Just one thing when you mentioned GPO's earnings of 10.3 million for 07, but you calculated earnings at 7.5 million is this the estimated GPO tax expense?



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    $7.5m is what i use as a guess after tax, eg.do 30% multiply by $10.3 NPBT gives the tax liability (straight forward corporate tax with no deductions ...)

    less this tax liability from $10.3m...

    they are going ganbguster ths comapny with the EGM just announced today...

    should hit 20cents tommorow.

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    Talking GPO ....buying depth

    Huge buyers lining up ...........must be announcement Soon.
    Amazed this one is still only 15 cents


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