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    Arrow New hi/lo prices, volume, P/E site?

    I am sure I saw here somewhere link to an excellent freebie website which allowed for sorting of entire (or at least it looked like it) US market based on volumes, p/e and much much more.

    Now when I need it I just can not find it anywhere. Can anyone help?


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    Default Re: New hi/lo prices, volume, P/E site?

    Just to show that I have done some groundwork myself:

    http://www.iii.co.uk/markets/?type=stockfilter (UK markets)

    which is something on the lines I would like to find for US and even AUS markets.

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    Default Re: New hi/lo prices, volume, P/E site?

    Ok i got it now. For those who are interested:


    Most obvious, I should have looked there first really

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