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    Post TNG - TNG Limited

    Surprised there isn't a thread for this one, but as it is my tip for the August comp, I guess I had better start one.

    TNG is listed on the ASX, as well as the major German indexes, with 100,628,983 ordinary shares and 69,463,422 options available. 54% of the company is held by the top 6 shareholders. Market cap is about 28mill.

    The Manbarrum project is the flagship exploration project held by TNG and is located 70 kilometres north-east of Kununurra in the Northern Territory. The granted tenements consist of an Exploration Licence and an Authority to Prospect under Section 178 covering a combined area of over 200 square kilometers. All tenements are 100% owned. Key access clearance has been granted from the Northern Territory Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) for the Manbarrum Lead-Zinc-Silver project and field exploration has commenced. This field exploration should have taken place in February but was delayed due to an extended wet season and then out of respect to the death of a traditional aboriginal land owner.

    Previous drill hole results from the Main Zone returned wide zones of high-grade lead-zinc-silver, with intersections including: 9.1m @ 15.01 Pb%, 0.55 Zn%, 42ppm Ag; 9.5m @ 17.34 Pb%, 2.11 Zn%, 60.1ppm Ag; 15m @ 9.53 Pb%, 2.72 Zn%, 36.4 ppm Ag; 18m @ 13.85 Pb%, 1.29 Zn%, 51.2 ppm Ag; 12m @ 14.88 Pb%, 1.14 Zn%, 26.8 ppm Ag; 12m @ 18.02 Pb%, 2.69 Zn%, 24.2 ppm Ag; 12m @ 19.52 Pb%, 2.44 Zn%, 25.4 ppm Ag.

    The results from Manbarrum are due soon, and if you look at the charts, you will note that the SP has returned to its february high of 30c+ on increased volume. IMO, the big money players are confident that the upcoming drilling results will warrant a significant SP re-rating, and are increasing their positions early.

    Certainly worth a punt.

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    up a cent today again to .31 with good volume. results out any day now.

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    hitting 50 cents & drilling results on zinc/lead/silver mtv deposit in the kimberleys are due soon. by the sp activity there is a lot of confidence in the results being special.

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    Any comment on trading holt?

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    killer result nearly 120m @ 5% Zn only. any comments?

    zinc located in a 450*150m zone

    thats nearly 11mT of zinc @ around > 3-5% Lead+Zinc, in one area? [Approx : 450*150*3.5*50]

    this is in addition to the eastern lead intersections, and lots of follow up potential. MVT deposits occur in clusters, and with pre jorc of 20mT this is a pretty big MVT, could conceivably be 50mT or 100mT with further exploration

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    The fact that they hold a big chunk of BTV may dampen their price after BTV's friday ann??
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    association with btv has already hammered it, but its only worth 4mil max

    the sandy creek resource is worth several billion, so i fail to see whats the point with the association

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    anybody following this SP?
    drilling result already out with nice grade of zinc
    but seems seller keep selling on lower price..
    any thought ?
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    result are out...
    hmmm nice deposit
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    yep good deposit. more good results. expect these to be upgraded with further deep drilling

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    next result expected before 18 jan...
    this will complete for next drill on may...
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    what happen to this sp?
    drilling result so good
    world class qualification
    yet, sp get hammered every day...
    is it the management problem?
    not enough advertising with this company
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    hmm actually advertising was better this time, it was on kitco metals website and abc news

    just don't know why people punish this for

    it has multiple MVT style zinc deposits, grades/drill results already confirm this

    its not as spec as many other hopefuls

    hopefully the consultants appointed can get this going this year, otherwise i will suffer some financial loss

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    down 20% on nothing????
    panic selling???
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    yep buddy what can we do. i hold 15,000 shares and i lose $150 every 1c this goes down =(

    its my 22nd birthday tomorrow, this is a terrible birthday present =/

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    it's not our fault...
    i hold more than you
    think the seller really dunno what they are doing
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    hi powerkoala

    i hold or have held the following zinc stocks


    The only stocks i have made a loss on in zinc are CBH(which i don't hold anymore) and TNG (which i currently hold)

    OH well can it hold 30c until May 2007 when it starts drilling

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    nice recovery today
    after panic selling yesterday
    waiting for next ann
    Research 'n' Trade Wisely

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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    I've been offloading my holding in these over the past few weeks since the last announcement (didn't have enough to push the price down tho' lol).

    My gut feel (and could be proven wrong) is that the final round of assay results from current drilling to be released soon will be more of the same, just like the last round were.

    There is then a fairly long lull before they'll commence drilling again (waiting for the wet season to pass) and so it could just wallow around for a while.

    Its had a fairly good run up based on current drilling results and confirmation of a good zinc resource.

    Zinc prices haven't been strong lately either and until its clear where they are going I'm happy to take a back seat on this for a while.

    A return to strong zinc and lead prices would be good for stocks like this one, and it sounds like they've got a major resource find on their hands.
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    Default Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold

    i agree, but they are going to produce resource estimation soon
    which maybe will let the market know how much they have in the ground.
    still holding though
    ps: i do believe they have massive amount of zinc in their ground
    do research and calculate yourself
    Research 'n' Trade Wisely

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