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    this is a hot stock, will double before year end i reckon with the contract they will pick up.. more to come, great success already, good business model, economies of scale..

    anyone else following?

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    Have been watching PPS during 2010. Not much price movement. Good figures for a software company. Big players using their system. Will be watching with interest. (and some shares)


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    On the move again...


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    The stock came up on my scan tonight and noticed that I was the last person to put something something on the stock over 18 months ago. It went sideways for a while but since the beginning of this year it has gone up just over 50% with the volume having increased markedly. Although the half year results (have been out for more than a month) I thought it might be of interest to someone who is thinking of purchasing the stock.


    They have more recently announced the acquisition of Plum Software Limited in the United Kingdom.


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