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    Too less money, too much choices.
    Too less knowledge, too many softwares.

    I am in the learning phase and want the first important decision (buying the right software) to be a good one. I have finally narrowed my options to these three. Any insights? I plan to trade only ASX stocks at this stage.

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    Remember, software is just a tool -- you still have to do the work. Before forking out your limited funds why not try a freebie such as Freecharts from the Spacejock website with free data from Float.

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    Hi B

    It would probably be more instructive if you posted why you narrowed the choice to this selection. Do you want more than basic charting or do you want to ceate or use non-standard indicators, do you need fundamentals, are you looking to backtest and design your own systems, do you want to daytrade or is it EOD only. There are many more questions to ask and it would be an interesting exercise for you. I can't speak for Market Analyst or ProTrader but Metastock's development has stalled over the last few years. It is a very capable package and has a large user base which is an underestimated advantage when starting out.

    Probably the best bang for the buck is Amibroker which is contstantly being developed and is a very capable program.

    Whichever you choose you may well end up with several pieces of software to do all the things you want. So don't get too hung up on the software itself but rather what it can do for you.



    Disclaimer: I own Metastock, Amibroker, TradeSim, Trading Recipes.

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    Default Re: Market Analyst/Protrader/Metastock


    Does anyone use Market Analyst ??? I ask because I have access to the manuals and am wondering if I should be bothered to consider buying the software ???

    cheers & beers

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    Quote Originally Posted by inenigma View Post

    Does anyone use Market Analyst ??? I ask because I have access to the manuals and am wondering if I should be bothered to consider buying the software ???

    cheers & beers
    I have it and used to use it for end of day trading ASX. I found it quite good and easy to use but if you are going to get serious about trading i would suggest Amibroker. I now have Amibroker and no longer use Market Analyst. I am still a novice when it comes to using Amibroker but have read enough to know that Amibroker can be very powerful when it comes to designing and testing trading systems.

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