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    Hi Folks
    Just wondering if anybody can tell me why companies with good news choose to post this after the hours of trading have stopped .

    There seems to be alot of good news coming after the market closes .

    Q. Does the ASX have a set amount of time that they post this news after receiving it . IE for verification . Or is it done for some sort of timing in the market so it all doesn't happen at once ?

    Q . Why then, if you have good news, do you now then break it at the start of the day and recieve a potential good days trading ?

    Q. How much study into the results do the ASX do or is it an honesty thing at the time . I'm thinking along the lines of the recent AUM saga ?

    I'm sorry , but it just is something that really niggles me

    Cheers Martin

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    the reason they do it because then they can say that they gave the market hours of notice. this means that first thing in the morning some people can buy in quickly before eeryone has read it and not get in trouble as the market has been aware for hours. I hope this makes sense

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    and some like CEO who are still in their infancy post announcements late not fully understanding the significance - they have been told, and watch out for the next couple.

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