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    Post NWR - Northwest Resources


    They have announced that they may have the highest grade gold mine in australia.
    They are drilling over the next month to prove up the resourse but have results as high as 180 g/t in the first two drills.
    They already have all mine infrastructure in place so can go into production verry quickly. Mothballed plant, mining camp, stopes ect.....the whole deal.
    They bought it because they knew there was good gold there but the previous owners did not have the technology and know-how to extract the gold effectively.
    Seems they have very high grades in all tested parts.

    Could this become another aum style rocket....any opinions appreciated....I'm in for $500 at 24c today.

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    Exclamation Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    I like this company....always gives lots of info....ann out today.

    Averaging 75 g/t and gets better the deeper they go.

    get in while you can

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    you could be right.......option trading well above exercise price ,someone thinks the stock is worth at least 30c. Some buying for the option has reached 18c on the 22/2 and there was 550 thousand traded between the 10th and the 11th of july for between 12 and 15 cents . So someone feels the stock is worth at least 32c to 35. Volume is not high and very spasmodic but may suggest as this normally does that those in house know more than we..........good luck ,ill keep an eye out
    ***Bware of placement for 10mil share at 20c[announce 11th],could bring it down in the shorterm
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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Thanks for the headsup Pacer

    I got a few about a week ago on some potential good results . These have now been seen to be true . The increase in the inferred deposit further down is also good news .
    Looks like a few more ann. to ,in the near future . Should give some good support to the stock
    Cheers Martin

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    yes, thanks for the info. found this company on one of the reports last week. it had a target price of 0.75 cents with in 3 to 4 months period. volume is not good i have to say but i do have it on my watch list.

    ps great pr today. shame market didnt react at much as i thought!

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Was that 0.75 cents target????...hope you mean 75c eh......why not make it $7.50 or even $75....DREAMS ARE FREE.....this is my hot pick for stock picking comp anyway.

    Very low cap- under $10 mill...........I like that!

    Nice to finaly be the first poster for a stock....buy me a beer when it hits $7.50 and a bottle of Jimmy Beam at $75....

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Hey Pacer
    If that hits $75 , I'll fly to OZ and pour it for you myself.
    Cheers Martin

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    pacer why do u think 75 cents is a dream? company has about 50 million shares and most of it is held by insiders!!(over 60%)......

    just go and read the recent press releases!

    16 May 2006 11:14:39 Further high grade gold antimony at Green Stripe
    14 Jul 2006 10:33:02 Second High Grade Gold Shear Discovered
    27 Jul 2006 10:45:22 High-Grade Results Continue From Golden Spec

    and i am sure there will be many more to come.
    they are keep upgrading the resources by tones & tones........personally i am in for x10 from here

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    I think he meant to write down 0.75 dollars . Which is a lot different than 0.75 cents
    Cheers Martin

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Yes I was picking out an error .....re 75c bla bla

    Just been chatting elsewhere.....and company expecting approximately 30g/t gold and 5% antimony (SHOULD BE MOREMONY>>>LOL) which by my calculations is about $20,000/t of dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holey cow...show me a jorc!

    What are costs/ ton in extracting from underground and refurbishing/unmothballing old plant? anyone got an idea........oh and it is already set up for extracting antimony using "pressure oxidisation of the sulphide concentrate during cyanidastion"

    Plant looks like it could do with a lick of paint but all ok otherwise.

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Fourth Quarter Activities Report should be out by end of today. lets hope they have good news for us. GOLD currently at $637 should go up today as well. alot of people are hoping for 2000 rang by mid this year.

    undervalued BIG time!

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    Talking Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    found following info on NWR forum in HC.....hope it is usefull:

    NWR: http://www.nw-resources.com.au/
    Shares: 32.7 mill +15 mill esc., a total of 47.5 mill. Price 26 cents
    Options: 12.2 mill(NWRO)to be converted on 31 June 2008 @20 cents, price: 12 cents, but very thin trading. Also 15.6 unlist options 2008-2011.

    NWR is concerned with Gold and antimony. A 1% antimony is the equivalent of about 2.4 grammes of Gold or $A65 (Gold US$640; $A=0.76).

    As up to 10% antimony is encountered in Situ, this alone is a strong contributor to potential profit.
    "The price of antimony (sold on the LME) has increased over 160% since 2001 to a current price of around US$4,050 per tonne".

    22 Febr 2006:
    "Infrastructure on site In addition to the obvious value of high grade gold-antimony mineralisation at Northwest’s Blue Spec Shear project, Northwest also benefits from significant existing mining infrastructure adjacent to the Golden and Blue Spec mines, including: #56256;#56451; Established shafts, declines and access drives
    #56256;#56451; 40,000 TPA treatment plant (upgradeable to 80,000 TPA with additional float cells)
    #56256;#56451; Access to sufficient water for operations
    #56256;#56451; Tailings dam
    #56256;#56451; Full mining camp #56256;#56451; Good roads - only 2 hrs from Newman
    #56256;#56451; Granted mining leases - no Native Title issues

    This infrastructure will significantly reduce the capital expenditure required to bring Blue Spec, Golden Spec and other deposits identified along the extent of the Blue Spec Shear into production allowing Northwest to fast track development".

    PROJECT NULLAGINE- Gold and antimony
    9 Dec 2005: High grade gold-antimony results confirm Green Stripe discovery

    22 Febr 2006: Golden Spec Delivers Visible Gold-Antimony Assays

    14 July 2006: Second High Grade Gold Shear Discovered

    27 July: High-Grade Results Continue From Golden Spec

    "A JORC compliant resource for the “new” Golden Spec and Green Spec deposits will be announced in mid August, with a “new” Blue Spec resource announcement anticipated for late 2006.

    Northwest has initiated a scoping study (the pre-cursor to a feasibility study) on jointly developing the “new” Golden Spec and Blue Spec deposits as well as the rapidly emerging Green Spec deposit discovered late last year. The scoping study will report on engineering and mine design options, capital expenditure and additional infrastructure requirements and metallurgical test work and processing options.

    Northwest considers that pre-production capital expenditure to bring the “new” Golden Spec and Blue Spec deposits into production will be relatively low due to the presence of established infrastructure, including shafts, declines and access drives for underground mining, a proven treatment plant and tailings dam on site and access to sufficient water for operations.

    Current drilling: Drilling activities are progressing well with diamond drilling now being directed towards extensions of the “new” Blue Spec deposit and RC drilling having recently completed another pass of extensional drilling below the Green Spec deposit. Results will be released to the market as soon as they are available.

    31 July: Fourth Quarter Activities & Cashflow Reports

    #56256;#56451; The Green Spec deposit confirmed as the third significant gold deposit on the high-grade Blue Spec Shear supporting Northwest’s theory that the Shear hosts multiple high-grade gold deposits.

    #56256;#56451; The “new” Golden Spec deposit continues to return impressive high gold grades at depth.

    #56256;#56451; Northwest commenced a scoping study (the pre-cursor to a feasibility study) on jointly developing the “new” Blue and Golden Spec deposits as well as the rapidly emerging Green Spec deposit

    #56256;#56451; Northwest secured an option over highly prospective tenements adjoining the northern boundary of the Blue Spec Shear Gold Project consolidating control of the area.

    #56256;#56451; A capital raising of $2 million announced shortly after the end of the quarter.

    "Northwest’s drilling programme will be primarily focused on the high-grade Blue Spec Shear Gold Project where Northwest believes it can rapidly progress a number of high-grade gold deposits through to open cut and underground production. A smaller programme of drilling is also planned for the Camel Creek Gold Project where Northwest last year identified four medium grade open-pittable resources. Northwest will continue to target large tonnage, medium grade resources (2-5 g/t) amenable to open-cut mining at this project".

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Can't believe that they are going to "give away" that many shares and options to "sophisticated investors" at 20c with one free option.....should be giving this to current holders of the stock, not some flamin' dodo's..If I cold get to Sydney and have a voice I would protest.....as it is I am voting no to that resolution....I know it's probably in the best interests of the company to have this type of injvestor backing the company but I feel a bit ripped off when I paid 25c for my part and then have it diluted,,,,and at a cheaper price!

    Sometimes I could just sit down and cry in this game.....

    MUM!....it's just not fair!

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    the share issue without us punters aboard was a bugga for sure. though i'm expecting a number of good result announcements coming up in the coming month - with the jorc estimate thrown in too. in another month they may have to be re-rated at 30 - 50 cents a share ? what you think , pacer ?

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Anything is possible, I think we're onto a winner!

    some are banking on 75c

    ann out today, still no jorc, but coming soon.

    Expecting in excess of 20g/t of gold plus the antimony make this a real goer!

    Will be intersting to see the price in a year or two.

    What I realy hate is the fact the options are also exercisable at 20c and not untill 2008, in 2 years the SP could be tripple what it is at the moment, and we wont even get a taste of the action, and if you think about it those options have a value straight away, so not only are they getting the shares cheap at 20c they are actualy getting them even cheaper....this is very wrong....the options should be exercisable at 27-30c as is the case with other small companies I have owned shares in, especialy as they know there is a lot more value in the ground.......

    I'm still voting no, a fat lot of good that will do though......

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    at the pace they are drilling they must be chewing the dough up. i'd guess another issue of shares within months. this time with us mob having the option to purchase.

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    Smile Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    I'm in in in and it's going to be hot hot hot.Cheers Dyor.

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    I like this one too and have been buying the ordinaries and the options.

    Market capitalisation is hugely undervalued and all my conversations with the company and all that I have read of late, suggest that this is about to take off.

    Lots of news flow over the next couple of weeks. Also, as noted here their land holding is smack-bang in the middle of Wedgetail Minings tenements. WTE are drilling the hell out of golden gate and IMO, WTE would see a the current NWR market cap as a bargin given all the iminent JORC compliant resource for Golden Spec, Green Spec and later this year Blue Spec...not to mention all the infrastructure.

    And lets not forget that WTE has to pay NWR a royalty of $2 per tonne when they start mining Barton...that in itself is worth a couple of million.

    So, IMO, look for a corporate move within the medium term.


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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    we all are looking for that broker report! it will out soon. hopefully $2 b next year
    take care all

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    Default Re: NWR - Northwest Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by stiger
    I'm in in in and it's going to be hot hot hot.Cheers Dyor.
    A close above 0.275 would be good, but bearish divergence makes it a no no for me.It could easily fall back again i.m.o.
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