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    Can someone suggest the best place(and cheapest) to get daily stock prices after market close.Including daily trading range and previous close etc.

    I have been using the financial review so far and there suitable but I am looking for an online alternative that I can access the night before rather than waiting for the morning paper etc

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    the asx web site has 20 minute delayed price data. Just go to www.asx.com.au and enter a stock code. You can also search for company announcements there.
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    Top right hand corner.
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    If you are after all the EOD stocks, you can download the free stuff in CSV format from Yahoo at http://au.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=%5EAXJO.


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    i find a good quality, free, and extremely useful site is tradingroom.com.au - run by fairfax papers - has some charting, price history, summaries etc - very good for the novice not willing to fork out half their holding balance on various software platforms.

    of course just joining comsec gives you even broader info, without trading.

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    Hi folks,

    Another site with free online charts and data download, at:

    Click here for free ASX data and online Metastock charts .....

    happy days


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