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    Could I ask for the forums opinion on what they would consider to be the best basic book for someone wanting to begin to understand options trading? What would be a follow up book from that?


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    Hi Clancyfish,

    I would suggest Guy Bower's book "Options : a complete guide for Australian investors and traders" as a good starting point.

    Sheldon Natenburg's "Option Volatility & Pricing" IMO would be the next progression in option theory as well as "Options as a Strategic Investment" by Lawrence G. McMillan.

    Then Charles Cottle's book - it used to be "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" and was free as an e-book, but he has now put out a new book which includes the CWS material and can be purchased from his website: http://www.riskdoctor.com This one is not an easy read, but one I found very helpful.

    I also found "The new option secret : volatility : the weapon of the professional trader and the most important indicator in option trading" by David L. Caplan and I found it useful when learning about volatility and, if I remember correctly (borrowed it from the library), it had quite a few actual trading illustrations which helped to make more sense of the subject. Also several well known authors contributed to the book.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sails
    (borrowed it from the library),
    That's one of the things I miss about the eastern states, good libraries.

    WA libraries are laughable

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    Here's a free one - the July issue of Options Trader magazine is available for download

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    thanks to all


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    Charles Cottle now has a free 91 page excerpt of his new book "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality" at this link: http://www.riskillustrated.com/get1/...=OTTHRLITE.pdf
    Very generous of Charles to make this information so freely available.
    For more information here is his website: http://www.riskdoctor.com/

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