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    Okay no jibberish in here except in relation to the topic.
    This thread will hopefully be a neat compilation of useful programs and vital tools that help investors invest.

    Please specify if its free and if it costs you something, please write how much.

    I'll start.

    [FREE] Incredible Charts http://www.incrediblecharts.com.au

    Great amateur stock graphs.


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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

    ASX theoretical options price calculator.


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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

    Hubb Optiongear $4000 odd depending on deals and market feed $300PA

    Great charting platform
    links charts and option risk graphs
    scans for Trades and options to build a strategy
    compares up to 6 strategies on a screen

    Still has a few problems in its portfolio handling
    (its basically worthless as a financial management tool at the moment)

    will backtest strategies with current options but not with expired options.

    give it a 6.5 /10
    and 10/10 for tech and user support.

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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

    The sideways payoff diagram next to the prices is a cool feature John.

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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

    Yes I like that,
    Takes a bit of getting used to if used to traditional I guess, but I didn't spend too long with anything else.(you can turn them the other way)

    Just hope they keep up the program development.
    I've got a training session to go to in Perth tuesday so I might be able to drive it a bit better.


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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

    Here is a program for you.......go work up north in the mines, and sit in the smoko room for a year, till you gain trust and a reputation as a hard worker (male or female),and get the full insight into mining in the area you are in... not exactly inside info...but as good as !!!!!
    I could have made 20x the money I made in the last two months If I wasnt in Bali spending previous profits!
    Oh well, back to the grind.....
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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

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    Default Re: Stock Market Programs and Tools

    Simple but possibly useful position size calculator:


    Click on "help" for instructions. Free.

    Cheers, Staybaker.


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