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    Arrow Brokers for US stocks?

    Can anyone please recommend a good, low cost stock broker for US markets?

    Yes I know this has been asked here number of times but only ever recommended broker was interactivebrokers.com which does not really suit my strategy. I admit they are pretty cheap per trade however as far as I understand they also charge min. $10/mth for account keeping (unless one accumulates around $30 per month in fees).

    As I intend to buy and hold I need a broker which does allows for non-US resident accounts, charges reasonable fee per trade and does not charge any monthly account keeping fees.

    Please let me know if you know or can recommend somebody.



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    Default Re: Brokers for US stocks?

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    Default Re: Brokers for US stocks?

    Thanks wayneL.

    Could you recommend any particular of those? I understand you are using interactivebrokers but thought I may ask anyway.


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    Default Re: Brokers for US stocks?

    I have an account with Ameritrade and one with Etrade.
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