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    Default Investment journey with Linux

    Gday peoples!

    I have a question for the linux users out there. Im thinking about making my way over to the linux world, but im curious to know which investment tools can be used.

    I dont believe the hoadley options tool works within linux, and ive had my bro try and emulate Incredible Charts with no luck.

    For now im thinking ill still require a dual boot... which is a bit annoying.

    If anyone can shed some light on the venture i have ahead of me, I'll very much appreciate it!


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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    I'd be interested in hearing of any charting software for Linux... afaik finance products are pretty slim. I have used GnuCash in the past but that was years ago before I traded.

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    Anything you can run on windows you can run on linux... i run them all. I use a windows emulator called wine to do the job.

    i also run virtual windows machines within linux using VMware which can run anything that windows can run.

    You love linux. But be prepared to start wrenching and asking questions.. ask me all you like, ive been working on unix machines for the last 12 years as my career. I love it.

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    I run Guppy Traders Essentials with Bodhi Gold data PERFECTLY on Ubuntu Linux under WINE. Works PERFECTLY.

    E*Trade's pro-trader works perfectly in Firefox too!

    And as dreilley said, you can always use Vmware or Qemu to run a copy of windows as a virtual machine and run all your stock software there, but I'll bet you WINE will do the trick!

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    And if Vmware is out of your price range (thats if your perdantic about software licensing). you can run xen.

    xens approach is a little different to vmwares as it doesnt emulate the hardware, but provides direct hooks from the guest OS to the host OS via a very thin API which is quicker than vmware.

    Hey CTP, whats GT essentials like? i was thinking of purchasing this.

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    Thanks heaps guys,

    You've helped iron out any doubt that i had about the transition.

    As far as the virtual machines are concerned (emulating the hardware or otherwise), do they seriously allow you to run any windows program under the sun? I'd imagine there must be some limitations, but will be glad if there isn't.

    Anywho, it's looking promising never the less!

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    I know under vmware there are literally NO limitations, you can access all your hardware as normal - its a full running copy of windows, absolutely *everything* works just as it would with a native install, EVERYTHING!

    its actually better because if windows crashes it doesn't shut down your whole machine, you just reset the virtual machine and keep on going

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux


    There are NO limitations with VMware. as far as the virtual OS is concerned that you are running within it it thinks it is the only os running on the system.

    VMware achieves this by running a rather thick virtual hardware layer. It emulates a x86 system bios that you can interact with as if it was a physical piece of hardware itself. You assign devices and disk from the VMware application which is where vmwares power really comes into play.

    Disks are created on your 'host' OS (the main OS on your system). they appear as one big file. VMwae mounts this file from the virtual bios and the 'guest' OS (virtual machine) sees it as a NTFS (or whatever) disk that you have created.

    The advantage of this is that you can just copy the disk file and if you trash your Virtual machine its quite easy to restore by just simply copying that file back to its original location!!. i get excited about that big time as i run enterprise VMware machines at work and restoring machines after a disaster is as easy as copying a file!!!.

    Memory managment kicks ass also. if you have 2 or more windows virtual machines (or linux) running on the same system. VMware detects the usage of similair system libraries (dll's etc) and shares them between systems. running 2 or more similair machines equates to a butt load of memory savings. Thus it makes it possible to run around 6-9 machines on a decently powered system.

    FYI i run vmware ESX at work. on one machine i have 9 windows 2003 servers, all serving different purposes. The memory savings on that machine with VMware sharing OS dll's is around 5GB. The cost savings are just unbelievable.

    Networking between virtual machines running on the same system is interesting also. You can create a whole virtual network infrastructure within software, you can assign machines to VLANs/network segments and firewall them on your host OS. you can choose to assign IP's to the machines and have them appear on your local network as if they where a fully independant machine. Or you can do NAT traversal on the host OS where your computer acts as a IP router.

    Whats very interesting is 1 virtual machine talking to another machine. All it does is put the packets in memory and the other machine picks it up. So essentially the virtual network within the machines speed is limited to the speed of your backplane. On a 5GB+ backplane that = a crap load of network speed...

    Dude, if you need help with any of your linux stuff just ask., im always happy to bring across another user to the dark side.


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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    Hi Guys
    Great Site, just found it tonight.

    I am an avid ubuntu (linux) user, and agree with everything dreilly has said.

    I have found Qtstalker (native) very good, but this is my first stock based program that i've come across.

    Note: VMware Server is free ! vmware.com

    Is there a list of Best Trading Software somewhere? (windows/linux)


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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    Excellent response guys!

    Looking forward to the new linux experience more than ever.

    Cheers for you're offer dreilly, im sure to be calling on your assistance!

    xice, ill have to check out this Qtstalker you speak of.

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    linux....it does ring a bell...

    if you are tired and sick of windows and just wanna
    play with linux for a while, fine. ubuntu could be a good choice; although Debian is a good choice as well

    but if you are serious about computer science, go for BSD(openBSD or NetBSD are 2 good choices).

    you'll get to know MS Word is just a sucker and start to appreciate the beauty of writing your file in plain text, saving it in .txt, converting to .dvi and then .ps if you want; you may need to learn some Tex stuff from Knuth the guru...

    you'll like mutt or nail and give outlook express the flick

    you'll edit all your files using emacs or vi and find it fun; if you are really hardcore, you'll love teco(not many people would know what it is, not to mention how to master it)

    have fun!

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    There are plenty of trading related apps available for free at http://www.sourceforge.net. Most are multi-platform (meaning they can run in windows or linux) but there are several linux specific tools.

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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux


    I'm using smtm under Fedora 5 and it's really a good tool.
    It has a spiffy GUI and you can configure all of it's option.
    Have a look at it on this screenshot:


    It downloads all of your quotes from yahoo, so there's no hassle with getting the information, downloading them into Excel, formatting the records, generating charts, etc.
    It's doing everything just fine for you.

    Ah yes, it's FREE.



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    Default Re: Investment journey with Linux

    what is this 'EXCEL' you speak of?

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