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    Hi everyone,
    I once started a thread on another investing forum (property) which had a list of commonly used Jargon, words, abbreviations, slang (whatever you want to call it) along with their meaning.
    It became quite useful for new members as they could go into the 'Investing Jargon' thread if they were not sure what something ment, they could also ask what something ment so that it could be answered. Subsequently I would add it to the main list for everyone to see. I think it would be good to see the same on here as there is quite alot of 'Jargon' used on this forum and in the shares world in general.
    It makes things alot easier rather then asking for similar answers in various threads.

    Share Investing Jargon
    ASX - Australian Stock Exchange
    IPO - Initial Public Offer, The first sale of stock by a private company to the public
    P/E Ratio - Price Earnings ratio, A valuation ratio of a company's current share price compared to its per-share earnings

    So all you investing gurus, post them up and I will add it to the list and anyone with one that they are not sure of, just ask the question.
    It will only make this forum a much better place to visit as we will always understand what each other is talking about.

    Mint Man

    PS: possibly a sticky Thread Joe Blow, wayne. Definitly one for the Beginners Lounge!!

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    here a whole website dedicated to the subject - it is american, but is very good for the technical jargon going thru here

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    Another great place to learn about investor jargon

    My Share Trading Blog
    This is how I feel when i don't follow my trading rules and lose BIG and when I follow my rules I feel like a million dollars

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