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    Default Metastock FAQ

    MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread is for general Metastock discussions. If you have a specific project or complicated issue in mind which may require extensive replies please feel free to start a new thread on the topic; but remember to search the forums first to make sure there aren't any existing threads on the topic.

    Is there a free website with metastock tutorials? Especially to do with formula creating/scanning ?

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    Default Re: Metastock tutorials

    So no one knows?

    How could I create a function that will show me stocks that have gone up say 10% in the last month?

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    Default Re: Metastock tutorials

    Oh actually by clicking the Edit feature on the inbuilt exploring functions I can see how they are built!

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    Default Re: Metastock tutorials

    Go the Equis website, and check out the forum there. Patrick has (at least) four multimedia shows for MS training on the site.


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    Default Metastock

    Hello all, I have metastock 9.0 should I be worried about the new(ish) 9.1 or am I fine in sticking with my current 9.0? thanks
    Regards, Ben W

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    Default Re: Metastock

    From what I heard 9.1 has some bugs taken out and if you have purchased 9 from a reputable firm, you could ask for free update, you might be lucky.

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    Default Metastock FAQ


    Would anyone know how I can refer to the highest high for last 5 bars
    using metastock's language.



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    Default Re: Metastock Language

    Found it !!!
    hhv function

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    Smile Re: Metastock Language

    Hi Freddo,

    hhv(H,5) ..... is probably what you require.

    Are you developing an indicator, a filter or an exploration???

    happy trading


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    Default Re: Metastock Language

    Depending on what you want to do Freddo, you may need to use it like this:



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    Default Re: Metastock Language

    I love MS language, so easy compared to Amibroker

    Too bad my MS won't work on XP
    Pollution is the real threat, Co2 is just a convenient distraction

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    Smile Re: Metastock FAQ

    ..... what version MS do you have and what version
    of Windows did it run in previously, Macca??

    happy days


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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ

    Thanks Wayne and Yogi also to the person who shifted my post to this thread
    I didn't find it when I did a search

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    Default Re: Metastock Language

    Quote Originally Posted by macca
    I love MS language, so easy compared to Amibroker

    Too bad my MS won't work on XP
    Just Use 2000 or 98 for running Metastock.

    There is a metastock formula primer. I have hard copied the tutorial.
    Found it on Google.
    Invest $120 a year and get Roy Larsens Metastock tips and Tricks.
    Fantastic value.

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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ

    Hi Yogi,

    Been through all the tricks to try to get it to work

    Long story...........................

    I don't do much experimenting now and I can find what I need for AB so I just leave it at what I have , works for me

    thanks for asking tho........
    Pollution is the real threat, Co2 is just a convenient distraction

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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ

    Can anyone who has MS 9 or higher pm me please? Thanks!

    btw, these links may be helpful:
    http://www.equis.com/customer/resources/ (MS formula guides and some other stuff)

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ

    I have what I would hope would be a very simple question for experienced Metastock users. With the explorer, is there a simple way to scan all stocks in my asx folder. At present, there are lots of subdirectories beneath the asx folder (eg those beginning with A,B,C etc etc), but I can only select one sub-directory at a time. What I want to do is to select just the asx folder, and for metastock to then select all securities in all folders beneath the asx folder.


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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ


    There is a simple solution.

    However you have to load all folders once.
    Make an exploration up and in filter place Close.
    Load all the folders individually (Thats the pain).
    Once completed run the exploration.

    When finished click on Reports---then to the right youll see --Save list.

    Save it and call it ASX.

    You then have the full list ready to load with any explorations.
    A little imagination and you can see how you can make up and save all sorts of lists

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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ

    Tech - an interesting solution to this annoying MetaStock limitation.

    I worked around the same problem differently - I created a Favorites folder called "Entire Market". I then added the contents of all 26 directories under my base ASX data folder to this folder, one letter at a time. Now, I have a Favorites folder with the whole ASX market contained therein which is easy to load.
    The above post is entirely fictional and any resemblance to any stock living or dead is purely coincidental.
    Michael D

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    Default Re: Metastock FAQ

    Same pond different Ducks.

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