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    Has anybody read this book by Ben Stein and Phil De Muth? It was mentioned in the AFR recently.

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    Sorry have not read it before,

    what did they say about the book?


    My opinion is purely my own opinion and NOT yours, please do your own research. Thanks

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    Read Stan's book around a decade ago
    would put this book as good for a basic introduction to "position trading"
    where i think it falls down badly for a beginner is its exits
    A lot of common sense stuff in it that would not occurer to most people
    after grasping the basics of Stans's book I would say you should move onto
    Guppy's " Trend Trading "

    As far as "Timing " goes though some good & bad

    the data in my copy finishes 1983 -- trouble is i never updated it

    facinating connection i found though ', that is still appiciable now :
    Up - Dn days of the week (SP500)

    Thurs : netural -- hence ASX on Fri : flat or down
    Fri : Up ---- ASX on Mon is generally a good Selling day
    Mon : Dn --- ASX on Tues is ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' buying day

    Although not in Stan's book, often find if SP dn on fri , then the following week is a down week

    Following Stan,s data this present correction would appear to have been orchastrated , so as the bring the markets back UP in the lead up to the US Presidential Election --- so I would presume we have a way to go down yet ,
    because the rise will have to look pretty impresive


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