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    This got a lot of press today! pretty amazing if you saw the footage

    Professor Wayne Morrison, from Melbourne's Bernard O'Brien Institute of Microsurgery has led the breakthrough.

    He says it's a world first and predicts the discovery will ultimately lead to the creation of human organs, including parts of the heart, by using the patients' own stem cells.

    Such a scenario, says Professor Morrison, would reduce the problem of immune rejection which is often associated with organ transplants.

    The research is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne's Department of Surgery and the Bernard O'Brien Institute, which is based at Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital.

    Professor Morrison says the project is merely the starting point in demonstrating the possible developments in tissue engineering.
    mmmm If I could i'd be shorting vcr or htw tommorow.. will be very interested to see ho wthey trade

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    Question - how does one trace a scientific breakthrough to an opportunity to
    I remember back as far as when the artifical ear was first discussed, that of course became Cochlear IPO price $5 I think

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