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    Default Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    It's being regarded as the next major gaming interface but in my opinion Nintendo could really change the way we interact with our electronic devices.

    For anyone who is not aware the time has come for the 3 big console manufactures to release their "next generation" gaming devices. Both Sony (releasing Playstation3) and Microsoft (released XBOX360) have gone the down the traditionally more powerful than the previous model path while Nintendo have done something completely different opting to develop a more "interactive" console experience to entice the consumer.

    The whole focus of Nintendo's new console is the controller used to interface with the games. Unlike traditional gaming controllers which have buttons and miniature "joysticks" used to simulate movement, the remote (called the wiimote) it a step in a different direction.

    Basically the remote looks similar to a normal TV remote with some traditional console buttons laid out on the top. however where it differs is that it is motion sensitive in a true 360 degree environment. Whilst in the past there have been some motion s sensitive devices they have limited to the up, down left and right motions.

    What this means that by starting with the remote in a central position it can be moved in any direction (up, down, left, right, back, forth, tilted side to side, etc) and each movement can generate a response to the console.

    So for example in a video game you could be playing tennis and use the remote as the racket handle to hit the ball, but depending on how you hold the remote you could twist it to spin, or lob the ball over your head. A smaller controller (also motion sensitive) is used in your right hand to control the movement of the player back and forth and so on.

    While this is a basic summary of how the technology will be used it certainly open the door for interacting with other devices with the same technology.

    In theory you could get rid of the mouse and use the controller to interact with a PC and a simple flick of the wrist would replace the current left/right click. People who have motor skill and muscle issues could find technology like this enables them to have easier access to devices where they may currently have limitations, or no access.

    Currently this console is due to launch this year (no date confirmed as yet) so it will be interesting to see how well the technology works, and if it works as good as some early reports have verified it could be the start of a new way to interact with devices.
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    Default Re: Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    Damn i hope they do this right. Over the years ive seen vendors try to pull rudimentary versions of this technology off with limited if any success.
    anyone remember sega bass fishing on the dreamcast?

    Its about time the big 3 tried something new with controllers. The 360's controller, while different is to me the same as the original. To cut a long story short, they all leave my wrists with a bad case of wankers cramp if i play for too long.

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    Default Re: Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    I'm abit of a closet Nintendo fan. So I'll be buying one anyway. It's relatively cheap as well, which is another bonus.

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    Default Re: Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    Had Xbox... (that bet the graphics of PS2)

    but i think PS3 will whoop them this time!

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    Default Re: Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    More important than the controller (which I think will work very well, particularly for non gamers who like to move around alot ) is the price and the online subscription.

    Nintendo has promised recently that the Wii will retail for less than 250US at launch. This is about half the amount that the PS3 is going to retail for at the same time. I get the feeling that it is Sony who is going to lose out in the next three way fight for videogamer's minds

    The second reason I think this will do very well is the back catalog of games that Nintendo is offering.....EVERY Nintendo game EVER will be available through an online service. Although the details of how much this will cost haven't been revealed - for someone like myself who's SNES broke down a long time ago, this is awesome news!

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    Default Re: Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    Sounds promising, considering now I have decided to boycott Fony and Micrortsoft.

    I remembere my old NES, never had as much fun as on that

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    Default Re: Nintendo - the Wii Revolution

    I have a 360 and they are great!! really good picture quality and great games. also the wireless controller is awesome!

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