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    I was so happy when I got home last night to see that some FU*KWIT had spray painted a big smile face on my front fence at home. Does anyone know how to remove it without haveing to call people in. :

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    paint over it,
    some councils actually provide paint up to a certain amount per year for that purpose,ring your council

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    yeah I have heard that it doesnt work very well if you paint over it has the paint they use is very strong or something like that so when you paint over it you can still see it but not as much. I shall do that though. thanks

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    If it's a metal fence then there are solvents that will completely remove most graffiti with no damage to the fence. From memory one such product is "Graffiti Off" - you just wipe it on and scrub the paint etc off and then wash down with a bucket of hot water. It's not really dangerous but you do need to wear gloves when using it. Call your local council works depot and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

    If no luck with the council then try road sign manufacturers (I think DeNeefe signs is a national company?) as they supply a lot of outdoor signs and so on to councils, state road authorities and so on and may also be able to help with graffiti remover.

    If it's a timber fence then just paint over it. Paint it black first and then the normal fence colour. This will stop the graffiti being visible through the new paint. I suggest that you paint the whole of each piece of timber that has graffiti on it as this will make the covering up less visible when the paint dries (worst case it will look as though you just had to repair the fence due to rotting wood etc whereas a big square patch in the middle is a pretty obvious covering up of graffiti).

    If it's a "fibro" fence (common in some locations especially WA) then be aware that it contains asbestos (deadly stuff...) so don't sand, cut, break or otherwise cause the release of dust. A disposable dust mask is NOT adequate to protect you from asbestos dust.

    No matter what you do to remove it, you should report the vandalism to the police. Whilst they are unlikely to catch those responsible, at least it should go on the record for the crime stats. If there's enough people making similar reports then that does put pressure on the senior police to solve the problem and it's likely that they will do something.

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    I run excavators on various sites around Adelaide.

    Often my guys find them looking like something from mad max.
    Hitachi paint them for us with a solution which allows you to hose off and yes it works.

    Its not cheap but you can do it to most surfaces.
    Ill call them tommorow and see what its called.
    Graffiti Removalists in your area would know I'm sure.

    Some good hints there Smurf.
    Also a motion activated Search light with the power to melt glass is not a bad idea either.
    Excavators under lights dont get graffitied---only stolen and vandalised.

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    its a brick fence/wall. which has been rendered and left grey. it sounds weird but looks good. what do you suggest for this smurf?? thanks for the replies very helpful!

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