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    Is there anyone who can help me set up my task bar. The problem I have is I can only get one web page to stay on the task bar at any one time eg when I open a new web page I loose the one that is up. I have looked everywhere in the computor but can't find the setup instuctions . Can anyone help.

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    Farming, try going to 'start' and then rapidly clicking internet explorer icon 4 or 5 times. See if it brings up several pages at your home page address - otherwise you might need to change your settings.

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    it sounds like the taskbar is 'grouping' applications on the taskbar. when you open multiple browsers they wll be grouped as a single entity on the taskbar...

    When this happens you will notice an arrow on the task bar entity which you can click. It will vertically display all the grouped browsers which you can click to open.

    To resolve. right click on unused area on the task bar, select properties and uncheck the "group similair taskbar buttons" and click OK.

    I find grouping to be good as i normally have at least 20 apps running at one time. But to each their own...

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    If it is not the grouping that Dreilly mentioned then go to internet options in control panel, press the advanced tab and within the browsing category uncheck the box described as "resuse windows for launching shortcuts"

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    I gather you're using Internet Explorer under Windows?

    One mildly radical solution might be to use Firefox (free) or Opera (cheap) as your browser. They both have tabbed browsing, which means that when you deliberately open a new browser session it's inside the browser. The effect would be the same as grouping in the task bar, but it's much easier to see.

    I thought IE had got around to tabs in the browser? It's even more backward than I'd realised.


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    IE is supposed to include tabbed browsing in IE7. but im dubious to see how M$ decide to do it.

    i love tabbed browsing, best thing ever to happen to a browser. Ghotib is right, forget IE you wont regret it and your PC will thank you for it.

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    Thanks members for your help. I will try your suggestions. At this stage I have managed to ( with your ideas ) list in the task manager and the web sites now stay available.

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