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    Default Embarrassing newbie question...

    See, there's this long thread on the derivatives forum called "Trading the SPI", and it's got all these charts and stuff and people calling each other names and getting all argumentative, and I <cough> <blush> don't know what they're talking about.

    What's the SPI?

    I thought at first it was Share Price Index, but if that's it, which one?

    Thank you.

    Ghoti (creeping into a corner to hide)
    Without music, life would be a mistake

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    Smile Re: Embarrassing newbie question...

    Hi ghotib,

    You are quite correct the SPI is the Share Price Index
    and the Aussie SPI uses XJO/ASX200 as the underlying
    contract or physical market.

    happy days


    P.S. ..... SPI traders can be emotional people, as SPI trading
    comes with a good deal of stress, for some ... lol

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    Default Re: Embarrassing newbie question...

    Tx Yogi. So those charts are most likely the All Ords yes? The numbers look about right.


    PS RU a bear or a guru?
    Without music, life would be a mistake

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    Smile Re: What is the SPI (Share Price Index)??

    Hi Ghotib,

    ..... actually the chart is XJO = ASX200 = top 200 stocks,
    as opposed to All Ords = XAO = top 500(?) stocks.

    Neither bear nor guru, simply a well-worn trader .....

    happy days


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